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How to use, use or open WhatsApp on a mobile phone that does not have Android, is it possible?

How to use, use or open WhatsApp on a mobile phone that does not have Android, is it possible?

Ways of communication have evolved over the years from the letters given by couriers or pigeons to the calls of the first phones and mobile phones, all these forms of communication have brought the world closer and generated impressive ease when it comes to sending messages even faster, such as the evolution of transmission of telegram messages to now digital text messages.

And it is remarkable that for decades there have been ways of communicating through text at the digital level, for decades, in fact, at the beginning of the archaic Internet there were already text channels able to connect people with almost instant messages.

And, like e-mails, they have succeeded in replacing artifacts such as faxes or physical mail. But still, after so much innovation, the invention of applications like WhatsApp shows this there is a field where you can sow new ideas.

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WhatsApp, the communication revolution

This application is not simply another social network or another form of communication, because WhatsApp has been able to innovate and adapt and maintain itself as one of the the most downloaded and used applications in the world, with very little competition and still retains its popularity and, more importantly, its usefulness.

Using WhatsApp

The application works in a very simple way, really the idea behind WhatsApp is simply instant messaging through an internet connection that is based on the exchange of messages, photos, videos, gifs and calls and video calls over the internet, although it allows you to view other functions without the internet.

And the most important detail of the application is the organic and automatic mode connect to contacts Unlike other services of its time, which required access to the application through an account, because Blackberry PINs worked in the 2000s.

What devices and operating systems does WhatsApp support?

Although it is very popular among Android users who use WhatsApp as a means of communication, the application began operations in the Appla operating system, iOS, at an annual cost of one euro, before being free to the public, shortly after that the application was optimized so that other users, such as Android, could use the app and send messages.

Are there any devices that can’t use the app?

Yes, because the app occasionally adds new and newer options and features, it requires the power and ability of newer operating systems, which is why very old phones and systems cannot use the application completely or they are not compatible with it, although it does not mean that it is impossible to download it to these devices.

There are ways to use WhatsApp on other operating systems

It is not very difficult to use the application on other devices, because in the most popular and common operating systems it is always in the app store, be it on Android, Play Store, iOS, Apple Store and Windows Mobile and is as simple as enter the name of the application in the search bar of the app store and download it, although it can also be downloaded on tablets without chips.

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What should be considered when using it on mobile phones without Android?

Each operating system is different, so it is possible that when the operating system changes it can they have functions that are changed, or elsewhere, iOS has a special lack of buttons that are usually found on the sides of the «Home» button on Android devices, making most options always visible in the app either by selecting messages or its options .

WhatsApp should not be used only on mobile phones

The application is very versatile, so although it is a mobile application, there are options to use it on other platforms, such as computers, regardless of software, WhatsApp Web is a very good second option for those who want to try another way to use the application without having to change the phone, because WhatsApp Web uses a very personal interface with the application, similar to that of Android.