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How to use USB Show to recover hidden files

How to use USB Show to recover hidden files

USB Show is a very useful tool for file recovery. Sometimes files can be hidden because of a virus or because I hid them occasionally. However, thanks to the use of this simple but effective tool, you will be able to locate them without any problems. Next we will see how to use USB Show efficiently.

Step by step to install and use USB Show on your computer

This is rarely the case, but some files may be hidden and untraceable, often due to malware infection. And the fact that the use of USB, despite being very useful for storing data, has made it easier for viruses to spread. For this reason, and to be able to recover hidden files, using USB Show will solve the problem.

  • The first step to use USB display is to download the tool
  • When the tool has been downloaded, you need to click on it. The file recovery option will appear immediately. Click and select the folder where you want it to be stored
  • The program will start searching and store the folders and files in the indicated place

To avoid this type of problem and to be able to use USB safely, it is best to use an antivirus that scans the drive before using it. Another option that you should not rule out is to scan the recovered files to see if any of them are a harmful virus. These viruses can cause many inconveniences, causing unusual behaviors such as creating shortcuts among others. Don’t forget to protect your USB and your equipment!

Did you know …

The creation of the USB stick is credited to the Israeli engineer Dov Moran. He was the one who took care of the initial prototype, designed in 1995, as well as the first units created by the company M-System.

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