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How to use speaker notes in PowerPoint

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Adding speaker notes to a PowerPoint presentation provides reference material for the speaker when presenting a slide show, allowing you to stay up to date without forgetting the key points of the message. Here’s how to add and use speaker notes.

Add speaker notes in PowerPoint

To add speech notes to PowerPoint, you must first be in the Normal view. If it doesn’t already exist, you can switch to the Normal view by going to the «View» tab and then selecting «Normal» in the «Presentation Views» group.

Then, in the left pane, select the slide where you want to add notes for the speaker.

Then click the «Notes» button at the bottom of the window.

A small box that says «Touch to add notes» will appear below the slide. For Mac users, it will say «Click to add notes».

Now write only the speaker notes for that slide. Repeat this process for each slide to which you want to add notes.

Use the speaker’s notes during a PowerPoint presentation

There are two ways to use the speaker notes during a presentation: the presentation on a secondary monitor or printing the speaker’s notes.

Using a secondary monitor

It is safe to assume that most presentations will be presented on a secondary monitor. If this is the case for you, you don’t have to do much.

The first thing to do is change the view in the slideshow. You can do this by selecting the Slideshow icon in the lower right corner of the window.

In this view, the audience will only see the slides as they progress through the presentation. However, on the main monitor, you will see the current slide, a preview of the next slide, and the speaker notes for the current slide.

This is a convenient way to have a virtual copy of the speaker’s notes while giving a presentation, but it’s never bad to have a paper copy.

Printing the speaker’s notes

To print the speaker notes for your presentation, first select the «File» tab on the ribbon.

In the left pane, select the «Print» button.

Select Print in the left pane.

In the «Settings» group, select the option that says «Full page layouts.»

A drop-down menu will appear. Here, select «Note Pages» in the «Print Layout» group.

Finally, click «Print».

You will now have a physical copy of the speaker’s notes.