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How to use Netflix for free without paying anything

How to use Netflix for free without paying anything

Watch Netflix for free This is one of the questions that many users ask themselves. The truth is that this audiovisual content platform, which has an extensive catalog of television and film series, does not allow the free use of its content. However, if you have never accessed the platform, it allows you to have a free trial period of 30 days. How can you enjoy it? Don’t miss all the information below

How to watch Netflix for free? Access the 30-day trial period

There is no reliable option you can use enjoy free Netflix content and endlessly. But there is the possibility to test this platform for a free period of 30 days.

First, you must have a Gmail or Hotmail email account that was not previously registered with Netflix. Then all you have to do is enter Netflix site and register as a new user.

You need to provide a payment method so that if you are interested after the free trial period, you can contract a price plan that allows you to enjoy all the content. If you are not interested, you can unsubscribe when the 30 days have passed.

In this simple way you can enjoy the Netflix catalog for free for a whole month.

What are the Netflix price plans

If you are interested in hiring a pricing plan after the trial period, the options are as follows:

The basic plan

Netflix Basic Plan, costs 7.99 euros per month and allows you to view content on a single screen (laptop, TV, phone and tablet).

Standard plan

Netflix standard plan, costs 10.99 euros and allows you to view much of the content in HD on a maximum of two screens (laptop, TV, phone and tablet).

Premium plan

Netflix Premium Plan, costs 13.99 euros and allows you to view many of the contents in Ultra HD on a maximum of four screens (laptop, TV, phone and tablet).

All plans include the first month of free trial Netflix, so you no longer have an excuse to enter the most successful platform for audiovisual content.

If you decide hires NetflixAfter the trial period, you will need to start paying the first monthly payment, depending on the plan you have chosen. You can cancel the service at any time and enjoy movie and the most popular Netflix series comfortable on any device.

Did you know …

At first, Netflix’s original name was to be Kibble, after the owner’s dog, Marc Randolph.

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