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How to use a cloud server What is it and what is it for?

How to use a cloud server What is it and what is it for?

How use a is a cloud server and what is it for? How can I use a cloud server? What do I need to use a cloud server? What steps should I follow to save files to a cloud server?

If you don’t know what a cloud server is, this is a great resource that is distributed over an internet network. You’ve probably heard of Google Drive at some point, Cloud storage that Google offers to each of its users.

A cloud server can be located anywhere in the world and can operate remotely for any user you have a good internet connection. Anyone can access a cloud server without having to belong to an organization.

Therefore, today at miracomosehace we bring you a complete guide so that you know more about these online servers.

Physical cloud server or physical server? Which is better?

The main feature of cloud storage services, or well known as cloud servers, is that they are largely free. Or possess extremely low prices.

On the other hand physical servers have high costs. This is due to the fact that they need the existence of a physical space, refrigeration, technology … So it is necessary to pay high fees in them.

A server in the cloud allows you to access files anytime. There are currently tricks and features that allow you to view and access Google Drive files without an Internet connection. They are also constantly updated.

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Physical servers do not allow access to the account from anywhere, they can only be accessed from the designated device. They are updating more slowly because they need permissions and this should handmade. In addition, the employment of these services is usually longer and includes migration costs.

How does a cloud server work, what is it for?

Choosing a server in the cloud, in addition to presenting the various advantages, offers hundreds of options in terms of storage. Thanks to a cloud server, for example, you can upload and share files on Dropbox, another famous server.

If you are wondering how they work? It is due to virtualization. Most cloud servers run software that manages and performs various functions. This software is called a hypervisor, it is installed on several physical servers to contact them.

Once connected, they are disconnected and grouped to create cloud servers, which work automatically, to accommodate millions of users.

Similarly, there are virtual servers whose function is to host each of your virtual platforms and manage them easily.

How to choose the right server?

Anyone with internet access you can use a cloud server. There are hundreds of servers in the cloud. When choosing a server, it is necessary to consider various aspects.

If you want a cloud server, you have to pay attention to your needs. If you’re a regular user who wants to store your data, Google Drive may be the best option, however, if you want to host your digital platforms, the decision is more complex.

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Google in addition to having Drive, offers the possibility to host digital platforms via the Google Cloud Platform. This can be a great option for companies that work with web services like WordPress or companies that want to improve their workload on Oracle services.

Google Cloud Platform It is positioned as one of the best servers in the cloud because it allows you to increase the security of your site, migrate all your files in order, and reduce the cost of infrastructure and services you don’t use.