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How to update Samsung Galaxy M02s ROM with Odin3

Samsung Smart Switch para Galaxy M02s

Update the Galaxy M02s terminal tutorial to the latest version of Android using Odin software from any other version.

With this operation we will not lose any content, data, files or applications hosted in the memory of our mobile phone, but, optionally, we can also format it to apply a clean installation.

In any case, the best thing to do is to make a full backup of the entire contents of your Galaxy M02s smartphone, for this we recommend you to use the free and official Samsung Smart Switch.

Updating the Samsung Galaxy M02s terminal is a very easy task and will leave the terminal with the completely original version, managing to fix any software problem that the mobile device might present in one fell swoop.

Below we will guide you to update the rom version of your Samsung Galaxy M02s mobile device.

Update Samsung Galaxy M02s using Odin software

In Galaxy M02s, we need to go to settings to enable USB debugging from development options.

If these development options are not enabled, you will need to enable them by entering About the device, Software information and tap the compilation number box 7 times in a row.

We must first download the necessary files to our computer.

  1. We are downloading the version indicated by Odin3 for Windows.
  2. We are downloading the USB drivers for the Galaxy M02s smartphone for Windows.
  3. And, to finish, we also download the updated rom for Samsung Galaxy M02s and extract it on our computer.

Then we install the USB drivers of our mobile device on our computer and run the Odin 3 program.

We stop Galaxy M02s and start it with the download mode, for this we press the keys simultaneously smaller volume, The home Yes power to cancel even when the download warning appears.

Then, after releasing all the buttons, press the volume up button to accept.

In Download mode, open the Odin utility and connect your mobile phone to your computer using a USB data cable, at which point the added word will appear in the Odin 3 tool window.

Odin3 Galaxy M02s addedOdin3 Galaxy M02s added

This means that everything is fine and that communication between the Galaxy M02s and the instrument is possible, otherwise we will have to check the USB connection, the cable and, if necessary, update the drivers.

Now all we have to do is transfer all the firmware files to the Odin software by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

For this step, we first click on the button [BL], we go to the location where we downloaded the ROM and load the file that starts with BL_ by clicking open.

We repeat the same with the parts AP_ and CP_.

In this step, before pressing the CSC button and preparing to open the corresponding file, we will have to think about the term79. how we want to perform on the Galaxy M02s device.

  1. Reinstall and update the ROM without damaging existing data, files, or applications.
  2. Or, on the contrary, clean everything and lock the firmware from scratch, so that the content as well as the accounts and settings will be permanently deleted.
  • To update the Galaxy ROM of our M02s by reinstalling the system keeping all the content, we will have to use HOME_CSC_.
  • If what we need is to update the Galaxy M02s ROM at the same time as we format the mobile phone to make a clean installation, we will open CSC_.
Odin3 Upload Samsung Galaxy M02s firmware filesOdin3 Upload Samsung Galaxy M02s firmware files

Note: It is recommended to always use the HOME_CSC_ file, unless the system is unstable or infected with viruses.

After uploading the files that we analyzed only in the previous step, we click on the START button to launch the process.

Odin3 Galaxy Succeed 1 Failed 0Odin3 Galaxy M02s failed 1 failed 0

To finish, we wait until the progress bar is completed and the Galaxy M02s restarts, just then we will have to remove the USB cable, close Odin 3 and wait a few seconds while the Galaxy M02s restarts.