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How to update iTunes to the latest version on my Mac, iPhone and iPad

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All over the world, since the launch of Apple, iPhone, iPad and the rest of their equipment have gained a completely incredible fame, this being one of the best. And this is a brand that, in its equipment, includes everything a user would need every day, such as a complete music player.

apple music player, iTunes, where you can create an account, is software available on all iOS devices and so you can share multimedia. This would be the synchronization function of both teams; so you will have the same files on different computers.

With iTunes, you can import your music from your Mac hard drive to your mobile, just by entering the menu and adding it to the library. Similarly, you can import multimedia from the iTunes online store or from an audio CD and only contact data from that CD.

Now, like iTunes, all apps have new versions that we need to be aware of in order to update these apps so that we can continue to enjoy their services. For this reason, from now on we will explain how you can update itWhether it’s on iPhone, Mac, iPad and even Windows.

How do I upgrade to the latest version of iTunes on my Mac?

Because iTunes is part of this operating system, it is an application that is already included in the catalog of applications preinstalled on any device developed by Apple. For this reason, the process of updating this software is very simple and fast to perform from the app store.

As a first step, once you have your Mac, go to the App Store on your computer’s main desktop. Once you are in the application, look for the option to ITunes, located in the upper left corner of the screen.

iTunes music app

There, when you click, a new window will pop up and select the option for «Check for updates», if there is a new version, you need to install. At this point, you must also enter the password in order to be allowed to update the application without any inconvenience when downloading.

All you have to do to start the download is do this click on option «GOOD», regarding version information and wait for the download to complete. Finally, to make sure that the download is successful, you can restart your Mac and take full advantage of its features.

How to update iTunes from a mobile device such as iPhone or iPad?

In this case, the process is as simple as on the computer; Simply change the device you are currently using, be it iPhone or iPad. From your mobile phone, it also enters the app store, the App Storeand select the «Updates» option at the bottom right of the screen.

On that screen, all the options you may need to update will appear, should appear iTunes There, select it and tap the update option, and the download will start automatically. Finally, when the new version is installed, you can see that it is ready for the blue mark that will appear in the application.

woman listening to music on iTunes

By following that written tutorial, you will be able to have always update your iTunes application, although there will be times when the application will update automatically. The only requirement to download it, if you do not want to spend your mobile data, you must connect to an available Wifi network.

In the latter case, if you have a computer with different Windows operating systems, the process of updating the application is also very simple. Start the same way by opening the iTunes application, in its menu, look for the option «Help» which appears at the top of the window.

At this point, select the option «Check for updates»If there is one, double-click it to begin the installation. If your case is that you haven’t updated it in a long time, the process may take longer than usual to install, but you can still enjoy your music.