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How to update applications on Sony Bravia smart TVs in a few steps

How to update applications on Sony Bravia smart TVs in a few steps

Smart TVs are presented as one of the most tangible examples of humanity’s progress, due to the simple fact of devoting so much effort and dedication to the creation and constant improvement of an element. dedicated to fun and distraction. The choice to invest time in the development of elements of taste and entertainment shows that, overall, humanity has made great strides in this area.

Such progress must be according to the requirements and wishes of the user, along with the fact that the owner of the Smart TV needs to take care of it and ensure its improvement, with simple actions such as updating the Smart TV software. At which you can configure it at will, being able to download and install a screensaver, for example.

According to this precept, we must keep in mind that there are applications of great importance for use on Sony Bravia smart TVs, such as Google Chrome, as well as an endless number of applications and games available for Sony smart TVs. But for them to work optimally, they need to be updated, so let’s talk about how to update applications on Sony Bravia smart TVs in a few steps.

Should I ignore an app update on my Sony Bravia Smart TV?

Application and program developers, such as manufacturing companies, have great concern for the quality of service which they offer and which they also represent. And this is demonstrated in the effort to launch updates for Sony Bravia smart TVs, both in software and in applications that go hand in hand with the company issuing the operating system.

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These updates are either a taste of luxury or a banal taste, there are measures where they will be provides application enhancementsBoth in operation and appearance, so downloading an available update must always be considered a priority, both for the Sony Bravia smart TV and for the application itself.

Updates also include, in many cases, fixes for possible errors or failures that an application may present, so ignore the possibility enhance your Sony Smart TV experienceIt is not an option, we must always strive to improve as much as possible and more if there is something for our benefit.

If you have a Sony Bravia TV, how can you update its applications?

Seeing that a Sony Bravia Smart TVIt is such a high technology and quality equipment, it can be believed that its application update process is something very complex and delicate that deserves great effort and the hands of a technology specialist. But nothing can be further from the truth, in fact, it is something extremely simple that everyone can do, just by following these steps.

The first will be turn on the Sony Bravia Smart TV, then we will not go to the Play Store, where we will enter, once inside, we will choose in the section where it says «my applications».

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In this space, a list will be displayed, these will be all the applications present for the update, in order to do this, we just have to click on the space next to the application name, where it says «update»or, if not, you need to click the «update all» option

This will start an internal command in which the entire canon of the present applications that have an available update will be updated. But this involves a manual process. We can set up our Sony Bravia smart TV, so that he himself is the one who makes the updates of the application, when they are available, immediately.

How does Sony Brava Smart TV automatically update its applications?

Comfort must always be an element in our lives, it cannot be justified that they all possess it the means to have comfort, and without taking advantage of them, sometimes it happens because of ignorance, which we have to fix.

An action as simple as updating one application on Sony Bravia Smart TV, can be easily bypassed, which is why Smart TV can be configured to keep up to date with application updates and run them automatically

All we have to do is go to the Play Store and send us the internal options space, that’s what we’ll do search for «Automatic application update», which we are going to press and selecting the update option at any time, we will have the guarantee that Smart TV will perform the updates automatically.