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How to unlock a mobile phone for free

How to unlock a mobile phone for free

Gone are the days when releases a cell phone It was necessary to go to the technical service and entrust the equipment to a person we didn’t know much about, taking the risk that when we returned, the mobile would not work properly and the parts would not be in place.

Large telephone operators have simplified procedures for how to unlock a phone, making the operation of unlocking the terminals to use them with another less laborious company.

Some sites and stores online you are allowed unlock mobile phones via IMEI but the codes they provide may be false or outdated and do not come from the manufacturer or marketer, which in the long run is more damaging smartphone.

At present, it does not make sense to take these risks, because many operators offer us tools for free mobile phones, regardless of your carrier.

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Unlocking a phone It is a process that depends on both the operator and the operating system of the device, and this can be beneficial for you as it will increase the value smartphone, and it will be easier to sell.

Next, we will teach you how to unlock a phone to use it in any company.

How a mobile phone is launched

Since 2014, almost all smartphones sold by operators have already been launched and at least as far as Spain is concerned, the law obliges teleoperators to allow mobile phone launch as soon as the contracted period of stay is fulfilled.

Unlocking a mobile phone has several advantages. The most relevant are:

  • Being able to use your mobile phone with a new line when traveling abroad
  • Give more value to your phone for sale
  • To be able to hire another telemarketer in your country.
  • staff smartphone without subscribing to any operator
  • Prevent anyone from using find my google device
  • Save and take advantage of other plans

In short, release consists of two steps: obtaining unlock code, and its application to the device.

Unlock a cell phone It can be a simple task if you are familiar with the configuration of the terminal and meet the requirements of the original operator. If yes, just make a call to get the launch code, which when entered will end the association between the mobile phone and the operator.

However, not all operators offer free unlock codes for mobile phones, They provide technical assistance or help set up your mobile phone and use it with another operator.

Once the code is applied to the device, the relationship between the mobile phone and its operator ends and the process is completed.

Another way to continue unlocking is by entering the IMEI number, which can be found in the settings or in the device specifications.

There are several procedures for unlocking a terminal. Next, we’ll show you.

Unlock by IMEI

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You can use the coupon LOCATION30 and get a 30% discount by unlocking your smartphone and all services.

Unlock by IMEI It’s the safest way to break the connection between your phone and its old carrier. Unlocking or unlocking by IMEI consists of entering a code by which the mobile phone is free to change the company or leave it without any line, without losing the risk of warranty or other complications.

The reason why it is the least risky method for the condition of the equipment is that the same manufacturers have programmed their devices preparing them for the introduction of this code.

how to release a mobile phone for any company

Other benefits are that it does not require technical knowledge or launch equipment and does not compromise the information, files, contacts, photos and applications stored on the mobile device.

The simplicity of this method means that it can be implemented by the same user, so that no one has access to your personal content or the option to track someone else’s mobile phone.

Each operator has its own means of obtaining the IMEI code, usually an automated system, such as a network address or a phone call.

You can also find the IMEI number by entering the file mobile phone settings, consulting information there about the phone, examining its status and clicking on «IMEI informationTo get the number.

some canvas have services for unlock IMEI mobile phones for free online, But without the support of a serious company, they almost always end up being a threat to your mobile phone.

If you decide to release your device using this method, make sure that the telemarketer does not block it for theft, non-payment, or loss, and that you have not exceeded the unlock attempts limit.

Release the cable

unlock your imei locked phone for free

If you’re wondering how to unlock a cell phone, one way is through a special software known as boxand a cable corresponding to the mobile model.

Unlocking with this method consists in unlocking a mobile phone with a program that modifies fragments of the device’s internal firmware, to disable network blocking and allow you to accept a SIM card from another operator.

boxes are connected via USB to a smartphone and to a computer, connecting the respective software. In addition to launching mobile phones, boxes They are used for firmware updates, software fixes, IMEI fixes, operating system updates, and terminal customization.

Although it was one of the most widely used methods of unlocking mobile phones, release the cable fell into disuse due to the cost of the cable and boxes They limit user access and require qualified staff to handle it.

Unlock Android

Unlocking an Android mobile phone requires special permission and caution to see that there is no clause that forces you to stay with the same operator for longer.

free SIM card network unlock pin

  • The first step towards releases an android is to make sure you have a root, seeing the licenses you have as an administrator user. Once this is done, the tool Android Terminal Emulator will help you apply for «superuser» permission and access the SD card to enter «cd / sdcard«
  • Now create a folder with the code «mkdir«And grant read and write permission by adding the password»chmod code 555«
  • Move all files to this folder using the code «mount -o nosuid, ro, nodev -t veat / dev / block / stl5 / scard / code«
  • Once you enter the cat / scard / codigo / mits / perso.txt command, you can get a specific unlock code, which you should keep under any circumstances.
  • Add code «umount / scard / code» And later «rm -r cod«To delete the folder created with the code» mkdir «and type» reboot «to restart the terminal
  • Finally, insert a SIM card from another carrier, turn on your mobile phone, and enter the specific code at unlock your cell phone for free, using only the 8 digits of the center, and in this way you will be able to use the equipment with other mobile operators.

Unlocking an iPhone

For unlock your iPhone for free connect it to a computer and download iTunes to your computer.

how to unlock an iPhone for free

  • Make sure it works properly, turn off the terminal, and replace the old SIM card with a new SIM. Turn on your mobile phone and enter your PIN.
  • If the new card is not compatible with your iPhone, restore your phone to the manufacturer’s settings, contact your telemarketer to verify that the unlock was accepted on their system, and then restore your iPhone from a backup.
  • The button «Restore«It appears in the main menu of iTunes and you can tap it whenever you make a mistake to undo the changes.
  • Now connect your device to a computer using a USB cable. Open the latest version of iTunes and enter it on your phone.
  • If you have iTunes installed correctly, a warning message will appear on your computer that your iPhone has been unlocked.
  • Without disconnecting the USB cable, turn off the computer and turn it on again so that the iTunes update starts automatically.

If all goes well, an ad on your computer will alert you to the success of the process and your iPhone will already be launched for any company.

Unlocking a cell phone online

Some Internet sites give you the opportunity to unlock your SIM for free or unlock your mobile phone via IMEI at no cost.

These sites offer their services only to certain teleoperators, and to use them you will need to select both your country and the telephone line company associated with your terminal.

simlock or mobile unlock code

These websites generate a SIM LOCK o A 6-digit one-time unlock code associated with your device brand, country, operator, and IMEI, with a limited validity period, although there are other procedures.

Although these websites are an environment to Release a Cell Phone for Free, are often unreliable and may alter the operation of the device.

How To Release A Mobile Phone For Any Business

Learn how to repair cell phones at home with basic tools and a course with a reduced learning curve so that you can make launches, repair screens (a common problem) and much more in a growing industry.

Tips on how to unlock a cell phone for free

If you decide on free unlock of mobile phone online, we advise you:

  • Find a trusted seal that certifies your site’s concern for your safety.
  • Pay attention to the tutorials amateurbecause they can drag you into a process that ends up ruining your cell phone
  • Read the «Who we are» tab carefully: a trusted site will not be evasive
  • Check that the website has the means to contact you to answer your questions

The safest sites will ask you to visit website your operator to enter your IMEI after you have selected the model of your equipment, so that you have more criteria to know that it plays correctly.