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How to uninstall Windows 10 Technical Preview

Cómo desinstalar Windows 10 Vista previa técnica 2

A few days ago, Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview to the public for testing. To eliminate general annoyances and errors, Microsoft offers us these preview versions. If you’ve already installed Windows 10 on your system and are experiencing some operating issues, then this post is for you, as it will tell you how revert, delete, or uninstall Windows 10 technical preview updates .

Remove or uninstall the Windows 10 technical preview

Because you installed this version either by system upgrade or in a multi-boot environment, your previous stable copy may have changed. Personally, I found my own laptop flashing strangely while loading, after installing the preview, especially the new updates. I did dual boot with Windows 8.1 , and it looks like the preview has already disturbed the stable copy. Well, if you are also experiencing problems with your computer after installing preview updates, you can remove them using the following methods.

Updated February 1, 2015.

Microsoft has officially given us the most convenient way to uninstall Windows 10 from our system and upgrade it to an older edition of Windows. Here’s how to do it:

1. Turn on the device and launch the latest version of Windows 10 Technical Preview.

2. The following screen will appear, asking you to select an operating system. Notice the option Windows Rollback there, click on it.

3. After you press Windows Rollback on the previous one, you will receive the «Restore previous version of Windows» screen. Wait a few minutes and Windows 10 will be uninstalled, leaving the system running on the previous version of Windows.

How to uninstall Windows 10 Technical Preview 2

Apart from these options, some people prefer virtualization to test the beta versions, which is a very good practice. If you installed Windows 10 TP using virtualization software, then there should be no issues or disruptions in the stable version you are running.

NOTE : Return depends on the availability of the Windows.old folder, if you delete it, you will not have the option to return.

will show you how to upgrade from Windows 10 to your previous version of Windows as long as you’ve performed an upgrade in situ from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 to Windows 10 – and as long as you perform the return operation, in 30 days since upgrading to Windows 10. Yes you cleaned installed Windows 10 and you want to come back, check out this post that shows you how to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 / 7. You can also upgrade from Windows 10 using EaseUS System GoBack.

I hope you find the article useful!

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