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How to uninstall and remove the YouTube application from my Android or iPhone mobile

How to uninstall and remove the YouTube application from my Android or iPhone mobile

One of the best ways to free up space on mobile devices is uninstall unused applications frequently or which are consumable. Well, despite the fact that the different types of mobile applications that exist are sometimes an essential tool, many of them are not completely necessary.

This is the case with YouTube because, although many people define it as the best free video application. Some people, on the other hand, do not have time to devote to its use.

That way, whatever the reason you decided remove YouTube from your mobile device, We’ll show you the steps you need to follow so you can learn how to uninstall and remove the YouTube app from your Android or iPhone.

What should I consider when deleting an app from my Android or iPhone mobile?

Many of applications that mobile devices have are fully integrated into it. That is, it is not possible to remove or uninstall preinstalled applications from your device in a conventional way, even if they are difficult to use.

YouTube app

So when it comes to applications that are embedded in the device, the best way to reduce the storage space it consumes is by disabling and disabling these apps on Android or iPhone, as appropriate.

In this way, it is possible improve the performance of your device, by stopping the consumption of data generated by such applications that you can not uninstall and hardly use them on your mobile phone.

However, when it comes to removing apps that you have installed in your own account from the appropriate app store depending on your mobile device, you won’t have any problems. Well, that’s it IPhone and Android mobile devices They allow you to perform this process easily by simply accessing your mobile settings.

How do I uninstall and remove the YouTube app from my Android phone?

One of the best ways to free up internal storage on your Android device is delete applications that you no longer use. So, despite the fact that YouTube is one of the best free entertainment platforms at hand, often the application is not even used.

Therefore, if you have decided remove YouTube from your mobile deviceYou need to enter the «Settings» tool. Once you’re in this menu, you need to go to the «Apps» section, where you’ll see a list of all the apps your mobile device has.

use YouTube on your Android phone

That way, you’ll just have to locate the YouTube app and enter it and select the «Uninstall» option from the menu that will be displayed below to continue removing the application from your mobile device.

On the other hand, some Android users face the disadvantage this application is integrated on your devices. That is, it came installed from the factory settings. In such a case, the best option is to disable the application and avoid its automatic launch.

How do I uninstall and remove the YouTube app from my iPhone device?

In the same way that deleting apps from Android devices is the best way to free up space, devices iPhone also has this feature within its functions.

So if you want remove the YouTube app from your iPhone, the first step you need to take is to enter the application menu of your mobile phone. Once there, you need to locate the YouTube app icon, as this is the one you want to uninstall from your devices.

When you find him, you must long press this application until your iPhone vibrates. Later, you’ll notice that an «X» button is displayed in the upper right corner of the YouTube icon to uninstall.

If you see a confirmation message, which is usually a way for your device to confirm that you want delete the data you keep in that applicationJust select the «Accept» option to formalize the uninstallation of the application.

This way, you will be successfully uninstalled and in a series of simple steps, the application YouTube on your iPhone.