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How to type the infinity symbol with the keyboard

How to type the infinity symbol with the keyboard

Type the infinite symbol on the keyboard it’s simple if you have a Windows computer or a Mac computer. It is a symbol closely related to the field of mathematics, space and time. It is also a symbol closely linked to the esoteric world, and the representation of the number 8 in a horizontal position has a special symbolism associated with love and sincerity.

How can you represent the infinite symbol on a Windows and Mac keyboard?


If you have a computer with a Windows keyboard, the command you need to follow is as follows:

  • Alt + 236
  • You can easily locate this symbol from the Windows character map. Just follow the path: Start> All programs> Accessories> System tools> Character map and locate the infinite symbol (∞)


If you have a Mac computer, the keyboard command is as follows:

By following these simple commands, you will be able to represent this symbol quickly. But also due to the use of commands you can represent many other symbols, such as the symbol of the heart and even the euro symbol.

Did you know …

The symbol of infinity has been named lemniscate by the mathematician John Wallis and lemniscus (whose meaning is loop) by Bernoulli.

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