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How to turn on or put the Safari browser on your iPhone or Mac in the dark

How to turn on or put the Safari browser on your iPhone or Mac in the dark

place Safari browser in dark mode On a Mac or iPhone, it’s never been easier. The world of the internet is now available to any user, so absolutely everyone has access to a certain type of smart device.

Certainly, internet access through any type of browser, It has its advantages and disadvantages, because the content that exists in the network is quite explicit in any field.

Certain digital tools are essential when searching for content on the Internet, especially when it comes to the best browsers that offer security in the world of the Internet.

How do I enable dark mode in the Safari browser on my Mac or iPhone?

Put the Safari browser in dark mode On a Mac or iPhone, it can be easier than it seems, for this, you have to be careful about what you do, if you do not know about it. To put the Safari browser in the dark mode, you must have it installed.

Once the latest version of the Safari browser is installed or downloaded, go to the Apple menu and choose «System Preferences», then click the «General» option and select «Dark» in the «Appearance» preferences.

Once the steps are completed, the browser will darken to be displayed as you chose, all these options, These are valid for the «Mac» operating system.

activate the safari browser in dark mode

However, if you are an «IOS» user you need to start Safari on your iPhone, then you need to go to the desired webpage, select «Read mode» next to the search bar.

Choose the «Text» button, then select «Dark» and the browser will quickly darken. However, if this type of aesthetic is chosen in iPhone Safari browsers, the above process must be completed for each page visited.

Why use the Safari browser compared to other browsers?

Putting the Safari browser in dark mode on your Mac or iPhone will please you, especially if you’re tired always looks the same in the browser. On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the virtues of using the Safari browser compared to other browsers.

Using the browser in question allows you to have very fast speeds, in relation to the search results and, not only in these results, but also when loading pages, because with regular browsers the process is slower.

In addition, Safari allows you to install extensions from Windows or any other operating system, like «Mac», it all depends on which one you use. The virtues of Safari are the ability to stand out for its simplicity, which allows users to easily choose options.

Also allows you to search any page lighter than it really is, because its interface is characterized by being minimalist, this style has become popular in many applications and programs.

On the other hand, Safari has the option to further expand the view from the searched pages, therefore, takes advantage of the full potential of the screen on devices.

How to delete browsing data such as Safari history and cookies on your Mac?

If you place the browser Safari in the dark mode On a Mac or iPhone, it was quite easy for you, doing other things will be all the more so as the browser in question has a very minimalist interface. You must access the menu bar to delete your browsing data.

put dark mode on safari iphone mac

In any case, you have a good internet connection is a basic requirement to be able to use Safari. There are times when something unforeseen happens while browsing, many users do not know how to identify the problem, so it is recommended to determine if the internet connection is slow.

To delete browsing data you have to go to the menu bar, click the option that says Safari, once there, locate the option «Clear history», a menu will appear indicating the time in which you want to delete the information, select it and click on the option «Clear history».

On the other hand, to delete other data, such as cookies, you need to access the «Menu» option, then press «Safari» in «Advanced» mode, after selecting «Site data». Then select the «Delete all data» option and that’s it.