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How to transfer applications to SD card?


One of the main disadvantages we find is internal storage memory of devices. We know very well that we need to control the mobile space so that it does not fill up in a few months and start deleting the files and then storing the new ones.

The best solution for these cases is to trust support provided by SD cards, external storage memories that greatly expand the space of our devices.

If we opted for one of these cards, the most important thing will be to know how to transfer applications to SD memory. The trial it’s not as complicated as you might imagine, so if you are careful, you can certainly do it in a short time and successfully. Before!

How to transfer microSD applications to a modern Android?

First, because Apple iPhones do not allow the use of SD cards, it is clear that the guide applies to terminals with the Android system created by Google. And in this aspect there are two groups of devices between which we can differentiate:

  • Those who have Marshmallow is still enabled, which we can consider modern
  • previous, the classic Android phones that, although we believe they have already disappeared, are still in the hands of many users who do not want to buy a new model.

The steps to follow in the case of current mobile phones are these:

  1. I started buying a new card or taking advantage of one we already have home that I used in another type of device.
  2. We need to make sure the first thing we do is format the card. This will prevent any type of error from occurring and that we will end up wasting time later.
  3. Now with the card in the terminal go to the Settings> Applications section. Click the «tab»Storage«From each application and from there we will appreciate that by default the option that appears marked is»Internal storage”.
  4. What we want is that applications are transferred to the SD card, we will change the destination and we will remove the internal storage mark to leave the external memory configured as the destination. To do this you just need to click on «Change«And choose»SD memory card”.

When we want to have predefined internal storage, we will just have to repeat the process, but changing the destination option. This we have to do it for each of the applications and thus customize the saving experience to optimize your device as much as we can.

Be very careful, because there is some applications cannot be transferred to the card, due to configuration issues, permissions, and Google’s own desire, so it must inevitably take up space in the phone’s internal memory.

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