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How to track your mobile phone online and other methods (Complete guide)

Cómo rastrear tu celular por Internet y otros métodos (Guía completa)

If you lost your cell phone or it was stolen, you can follow its location easy and total free of charge through the system of internet location which comes pre-activated from the factory. The other option is to get GPS coordinates through a third-party application, sending an SMS to the device or in the most extreme cases requesting the authorities a tracking by phone number or IMEI.

The simplest and fastest method is Google. The company offers a website to track a cell phone Android stolen simply by entering Gmail email and password which you use on your device. On iPhone, you should remember your iCloud account.

How to track a cell phone with Google, Gmail

Just go to the Google page Find my device ( and enter the Gmail account and password you registered on your Android device. We hope that this tracking system, which is usually pre-activated on Android phones (Settings> Google> Security> Find my device) will indicate the location of the mobile phone on a map a Google Maps, in addition to giving you remote control options over the Internet, such as sound (even if it’s silent), blocking or deleting data.

Instead of having to go to that URL, there are other ways to go to this Google locator. For example, you can also track the location of your mobile phone with the Find My Device app, which you need to install on a family member’s or friend’s mobile phone, and which can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Ideally, when tracking your cell phone, the warning «Last connection right now»On the indicated page. It means that your mobile phone is in the location shown on the map at that time. It can also occur «Last seen«,«Last connection«,«The device is not available«Or»Access to the device failed«. These cases generally mean that the mobile phone does not have an internet connection or is switched off. If so, it may be helpful to review your location history or timeline and tours (locations where your mobile was previously located) as long as they haven’t been disabled.

Please note that once the location of the mobile phone is obtained, the notification «Device found«This could alert the person who has it, which I suggest you deactivate in time for this very reason (long pressure on the mentioned notification). Also remember that the location is not always accurate. Like all instruments of this type, it usually has a margin of error of a few meters.

Find my Samsung phone

Because Samsung devices also have the Android operating system, they can be tracked in the same way as your Google or Gmail account, as I indicated earlier.

Find my Samsung cell phone track your Samsung mobile phone options Samsung tutor mode (set tutors)

In addition, these devices have their own tracking service, called Locate my cell phone, which you can access with your Samsung account. If you have previously created this account and activated the tracking service, you will be able to locate your mobile phone in a very similar way to the previous one.

Here you can also lock, reset, or ring your device and more interesting things, such as backing up your data to your Samsung account, recovering messages and calls, enabling battery saving mode (emergency mode) ), unlock your mobile phone. , send the last location when the phone has a low battery and even set up a third person to locate your mobile phone.

The disadvantage of this service is that its maps are less detailed compared to Google Maps, although if you use the «Find my mobile» option in the SmartThings service, it is located with Google Maps.

How to locate an iPhone?

Apple also has its own tracker to find a lost or stolen iPhone. Simply insert the file iCloud site and select «Search» or «Find my phone».

Normally, this utility only allows you to track from another iPhone, iOS device, or PC. To do this from an Android mobile phone, use the trick for desktop mode or alternative applications.

The maps of this system are also not very detailed compared to those in Google Maps.

Track the cell by number

If, unfortunately, you didn’t install a tracking app on your cell phone before you lost it (such as the one we’ll see below), locating it could be as simple as convincing a tracking officer police with a valid and simple argument, such as that it was stolen. By radio, it will provide your phone number to its operations center to track it (NO internet required).

This is because mobile operators can «triangulate» your location via signal and cellular information. GPS of the device, which they are obliged to hand over to the authorities in many countries. That’s what the police could do find a person on your mobile phone when he disappeared or knows a person’s location suspected or guilty of a crime. The operator cannot provide you with information directly. In fact, you will certainly not be aware of this ability.

Obviously you will not find official information about this. However, I tested it in Ecuador and it is as simple as it sounds. Elsewhere, this may depend on the law. You may even need a court decision.


If your SIM has been changed on your mobile phone, you will not be able to locate it by the phone number associated with the previous «chip» (unless you have Cerberus, as shown below). In this case, maybe the same police can followed by IMEI, a number that identifies the device itself.

To know which is the IMEI of a mobile phone there are several methods. Since you won’t be able to enter * # 06 # on the numeric keypad to find out, the easiest thing to do is sign in to Google Find My Device (with your Gmail data associated with your device) and tap the «i» circled button.

Locate your mobile phone via IMEI online?

On the Internet you can find web pages that look «nice» and even have positive comments confirming that they can locate your mobile phone just by entering your phone number or IMEI. These are actually false comments. These tools are too good to be true. If you put your data in them, you will most likely end up subscribing to premium SMS services. In the most extreme case, they could clone your device to intercept SMS and calls or assign your IMEI to another device somewhere in the world.

Locate your mobile phone after changing your number or SIM

Cerberus is a powerful application that goes beyond what has been said so far. One of its most interesting features is that it notifies you if an unauthorized chip is inserted into your stolen mobile phone. It will automatically send an alert to the three phone numbers you specify and an email with the device’s GPS coordinates along with a link on Google Maps to easily see its location.

Just check the «Check SIM card» section of the app settings.

This software has other powerful features, such as preventing the unauthorized switching off of the phone, shooting the thief and obtaining SMS and call logs (even if the SIM is changed).

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of Cerberus and other anti-theft alternatives is that they must be installed on the device beforehand. In addition, they are usually a service that you must subscribe to for an annual fee, although they offer a free trial period. In this regard, Cerberus has earned a bad reputation for revoking «lifetime» licenses from those users who purchased them as such, forcing them to migrate to an annual subscription.

Some alternatives to Cerberus are Where is my Droid? or Android lost. Download, at your own risk, the APK files of these applications from their respective websites, if you need all their functionality, including remote control via SMS, because applications that have access to SMS and calls have been banned in Play Store. Careful Yes Avast, are two antiviruses for Android that incorporate anti-theft functionality, but have limited features compared to the previous ones.

Track your cell phone via GPS

Cerberus also allows you to locate your mobile phone using GPS information. Just log in with your Cerberus account in the web dashboard of this tool and use the «Start tracking» option.

You can also watch WITHOUT internet by sending an SMS from any other mobile phone with the command cerberus tupassword find and you will receive an answer with the coordinates.

Locate your mobile phone WITHOUT internet

track your mobile phone without internet locate your android mobile phone without internet find mobile Google Maps Google

Currently, this feature is exclusive to Samsung and iPhone devices. For example, if you have a Samsung Galaxy and have turned on the «Offline Search» feature in your Samsung account, it will use other Samsung Galaxy devices to determine the position of your mobile phone. Obviously, by activating this feature, you will help other users to locate their mobile phone even if they do not have a WiFi or mobile data connection.

locate your mobile phone without internet

The concept is the same for the iPhone. Apple has called this option «Find the network» and once activated it is also used to locate an iPhone even if it is offline or without an Internet connection, thanks to the iPhone of other users.

Are you tracking your mobile phone?

An Android mobile phone normally records all the locations where it has been in the Google Account before. If you have connected to the Internet before being stopped, may have uploaded the latest locations that interest you, and you’ll be able to see them in that account. Just sign in to the Location History page using the Google Account that was registered on your device.

Another way to see your device’s previous locations, even when it’s turned off, is through the «Get location history» option in the Cerberus online manager.

Obviously, both methods are not a trace in themselves because a mobile phone cannot be located if it is switched off, but maybe the last places you were on your cell phone might be useful to you.

Note: This article has been updated with information valid from the date indicated in the header. Some comments may refer to older versions of this article.

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