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How to track an MRW shipment or order

How to track an MRW shipment or order

Follow in MRW It is one of the options that the courier company makes possible on its website. This option is very useful when we have made a normal or urgent shipment, such as important documents and we want to know all the information without having to go to their offices. We can check if it has left the warehouse, is in delivery and even if it has already been delivered to the recipient. To access all of this tracking information, you need to follow the steps below.

Step by step to control the steps of an MRW expedition

tracking both national and international transport in MRW it is done directly from the company’s website. All this without having to go to their offices. Specifically from the Tracking of Shipments link. From here you just have to follow these steps:

  • If you are a MRW subscriber customerYou will need to fill in a small form with all the access data beforehand. This will allow you to access the shipping status of all orders you have placed through MRW. To do this you will need to enter: office number, customer number and password
  • If you do not belong to MRW subscribers, all you have to do is enter the delivery number in the box provided for tracking. The shipping number appears on the package proof label
  • Once you have entered the required data on the MRW website, you must click «Submit». You must wait for all the information to load. In just a few seconds you will access a complete history that will tell you about the entire process your shipment went through and its current status.

Transport tracking options with MRW

Another option that MRW offers its customers is to subscribe to tracking alerts both to receive e-mail messages and to receive messages by phone or web. To do this, you need to access the option Shipment tracking alerts. The options for these services are:

  • SMS tracking: You can check the status of a shipment by sending an SMS to 215039. You can also receive news via a mobile message to request a delivery or collection notification. You can even send a notification to the recipient, where he will receive all the delivery information
  • Email tracking: you will receive a file with all the data related to the tracking of deliveries in the last 24 hours. You will also receive a free delivery confirmation
  • Web tracking: this service offers the alternative for a customer to be able to access the tracking of online shipments from their own website
  • Follow up by phone: This MRW tracking service is performed via a telephone call. This is done no later than 10 minutes after the collection or delivery of the shipments

Choose the subscription that is most comfortable for you and you will always have the transports perfectly located. If you need more urgent news or information about your deliveries, you can always contact the MRW office directly from the «Contact us» option on the same website.

As you will see, there are many options to track any shipment with MRW. Now there is no risk of delivery being lost and you can enjoy a professional service. You can also opt for the parcel location services of other courier companies as well Tourline Express.

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At first it was called Radio Messages, but after 10 years they decided to change the current one.

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