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How to throw the Android screen on Windows 10 WITHOUT installing applications

Cómo transmitir la pantalla de Android a Windows 10 SIN instalar aplicaciones

Windows 10 incorporates an application called online, which allows you to copy, stream or design Android to your computer. In just a few steps, you’ll already see your mobile phone screen on your computer, without the need to install additional applications or programs.

You will normally need to install additional software in order to view your Android mobile phone on your computer monitor. There are several applications that do this well. But if your computer has an updated Windows 10 and your requirements are minimal, you don’t need to install anything else. Of course, I must warn you that this will only work if your computer is connected wirelessly (not via Ethernet or cable). In the case of a laptop or notebook, this is not a problem, while a desktop computer will need a WiFi adapter.

Stream the screen from Android to Windows 10

In Windows 10:

  1. Make sure the operating system is updated to the latest version. For this article, we successfully tested this functionality on Windows 10 Home (10.0.14393 Build 14393) and Windows 10 Pro (10.0.18363 Build 18363).
  2. Open the «Connect» application in Windows 10 (type «connect» or «connect» in the magnifying glass next to the Start button and click on the first result). It should be left open, as in the computer in the image below.

On your Android device:

  1. Loosen the top bar and extend the control panel quickly.
  2. Touch the icon that says «Transmit«,« Mirror screen »,« Miracast »or« Smart View »(in the case of some Samsung). The name varies by device.
  3. The computer name will appear and you must tap it to log in. The link is automatic and only takes a few seconds. Your mobile phone may authorize the connection, as shown below.

play the smart view screen

Keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts control Android Windows 10

Keyboard shortcuts available to control a Samsung Galaxy A52 with Android 11 and Windows 10 Pro PC 10.0.18363

You can’t control the Android screen with the mouse, but you can use your computer keyboard for basic control of your mobile phone: for example, press the Start button, back and recent. You can also open the notifications panel and open applications. However, these keyboard shortcuts only work when you activate the full screen (the «zoom» button in the Connect application on your computer). To exit full screen simply move the cursor to the top of the screen and the taskbar and the button to restore the window will appear.

Windows 10 configuration, system option, project on this computer

In the Windows 10 configuration, the «System» option, «Design on this computer», you can set a PIN the first time you pair a device, always or never.


dark screen with smart view

  • The quality of the projected image is very good.
  • When the content on your mobile phone is rotated horizontally, in Windows 10 it has the same orientation. This benefits the entire computer screen when viewing videos or photos, e.g.
  • In the case of videos, audio is also streamed on the computer, although it is unstable and small cuts frequently occur. If there is no sound, tap the «Connect» notification (on the phone) and tap the audio button that should appear to turn it on.
  • In the case of the Smart View on the Samsung Galaxy, the screen darkens during transmission to save battery life.


  • There is a small delay. Changes made to your mobile phone are reflected a fraction of a second later on your computer screen. This is normal for any such application and is even a good delay value.

The solution to the problem

  • This connection is based on technology Miracast, which uses WiFi Direct to connect devices. It is normally supported by any device with Android 4.2 or later. However, some devices may disable it. This is the case with the Motorola Moto G and this page explains quite well why this is so. For this reason, the computer name will never appear on this phone when you perform the above procedure.
  • «The mobile device does not support Miracast, so it cannot design wirelessly«. This error occurs because the computer is connected via Ethernet or cable. That’s why I said at the beginning that you need a PC with a WiFi network adapter.
  • If the computer name does not appear, on the same screen as «Forward» on the phone, tap the «More settings» button and there, after a few seconds, you should see the computer.
  • When a connection error is generated and the computer does not appear, restart the mobile phone (or even the computer).

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