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How to spy on WhatsApp: how to do it and what are its consequences

Cómo espiar en WhatsApp cómo hacerlo y cuáles son sus consecuencias

For spy on WhatsApp there is no application to comply with this goal, since chats are encrypted from end to end. That is, they are protected so that no external person can get information from a specific conversation. The applications that claim to spy on WhatsApp chats show only the last connection period that the contacts had and seek to obtain personal information from the phone.

One of the ways to spy on WhatsApp is using WhatsApp Web and it is still illegal. Spying or examining conversations is not allowed in most countries because it violates a person’s privacy. Also, if you use WhatsApp Web, there is a procedure for closing all sessions that are not recognized. Therefore, this tutorial will explain it to you how to spy on whatsapp and what are its consequences if you decide to do so.

From WhatsApp Web

You can have an open session on two different devices thanks to WhatsApp Web. All you have to do is pick up the phone you want to sync with the platform and scan the QR code that will appear on the site. If you want use WhatsApp Web to check conversations on another phone you need to follow these steps:

  1. Enter WhatsApp Web via this link.
  2. Get the phone open WhatsApp and press the key three vertical points appearing in Top right corner from the screen.How to use WhatsApp Web to spy on another phone's WhatsApp step 2
  3. The press «WhatsApp Web”.How to use WhatsApp Web to spy on another phone's WhatsApp step 3
  4. Scan the QR code until the devices are synchronized. You will now see that all messages on your mobile phone will arrive on your computer or tablet in real time.

Note: all the actions you perform will be recorded on your mobile. In other words, messages you read, delete, or send from your computer or any smart device you’re connected to will be reflected on your phone. Therefore, if you take any action, the smartphone owner may start to suspect that someone is using their WhatsApp account without their permission.

How to know which sessions are open

To identify how many sessions you have open, enter your WhatsApp, press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, tap «WhatsApp Web» and there you will see everything open session devices from your account. To close them, just press the «Log out all sessions”.

This way, you will make sure that it does not spy on you from any smart device or computer. To access your conversations again you will need to have physical contact with your smartphone., ie must have your phone and scan the QR code of the web version of WhatsApp again.

How to close all open WhatsApp web sessions

Use of mobile payment software

there is downloadable spyware on smartphones to check not only WhatsApp messages, but also various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and among others. In the following sections, two software that spies on messages will be explained if you cancel a monthly fee.


Spyzie is positioned as the most complete software to track the examination of messages on WhatsApp and other social networks. It works for both Android devices such as iOS and has very good reviews due to its development and easy handling since then you do not need the phone to be rooted.

However, you need direct access to the mobile phone you want to spy on to install and configure the software correctly. Once installed, it will remain completely hidden in the phone. You can observe all the movements that are made with the phone, from the call log to calendar events. To access Spyzie you can click on this link and purchase a subscription from which you will find the rates 7 euros per month.

Use Spyzie to spy on WhatsApp messages


This software is positioned as one of the programs that monitors all mobile phone content in real time. You can access text messages, photo galleries, browsing histories, messages from all social networks installed on your phone, among others. It also works perfectly for Android mobile phones or iOS devices.

The subscription can cost approximately 6 euros per month if canceled throughout the year. You need access to the phone you want to spy on to install the software and authorize its use on your device. Once installed, the application will not be detected with the naked eye. In fact, the phone will need to be reset at the factory to remove mSpy from the device. If you want to buy mSpy, click this link to directly access its web portal.

Use mSpy to spy on WhatsApp messages


You need to consider that review or spy on WhatsApp messages of your partner or anyone else it is an illegal activity in many countries which is paid with imprisonment. The person can take legal measures to invade privacy and, in the case of Spain, to commit the crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets.

The sentence can go between 1 to 7 years in prison depending on the severity of the espionage, whether the data obtained were shared on other online platforms or whether there were profitable targets. In fact, the software detailed above has advertising aimed at parents with minor children, who want to protect them from scammers or Internet abusers.

Beware of fraudulent applications

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, there is no effective application which allows you to spy on a phone’s WhatsApp. This is due end-to-end encryption You have enabled the app in your conversations. The apps you get both in the Google Play Store and on external pages only show the status and time of the connection that your contacts had on WhatsApp and that match, but don’t you will be able to read the conversations.

You should even be aware of the spy apps you download to your mobile phone, since they may steal personal information by accessing your messages. Most of these applications are fraudulent and try to infect your device with malware or other computer viruses. You cannot check a specific mobile phone from another phone number unless you use WhatsApp Web and for these processes you must have direct access to the other person’s phone.

Play Store apps to spy on WhatsApp

How to strengthen your WhatsApp security

In this section, we will mention a few tips to enhance the security of your messages on WhatsApp and prevent a person from spying on your personal information. If you follow these tips, it won’t be easy to get the content of your messages:

  • Protect your backup: go to «WhatsApp> Settings> Chats> Backup«And make sure the backup is saved directly to an account or email for personal and frequent use.
  • Enable WhatsApp biometrics: If you enter the application settings and enter «Privacy», you’ll see an option that gives you block WhatsApp with your fingerprint. Enable this option to prevent anyone from accessing your messages.
  • Set privacy: You can hide your profile picture, last login, and even your account information and leave only the contacts you added to your phonebook. To do this you just need to go to «WhatsApp> three vertical dots> Settings> Privacy”.
  • Activate an antivirus: integrated antivirus Google Play Protect will indicate which apps can spy the content of your phone. However, there are other apps that will alert you with a notification when someone has signed in to your account.
  • Constantly analyze open sessions: from time to time or whenever you notice any suspicious activity in the app’s messages, check all the sessions you have left open on other devices. If you do not recognize a specific one, it is best to close all sessions.
  • Lock your phone: further strengthen the security of your messages by blocking general access to your mobile phone. Add an unlock by fingerprint, PIN, or pattern. This way, you will create another obstacle to review or spy on WhatsApp conversations.

As you can see, this post explained the tools and steps required spies on WhatsApp and also the legal consequences that means if you decide to do this. Also, if you use fraudulent applications that promise to spy on WhatsApp, they can spy on you or steal your personal data. For this reason, it has also been detailed how you can enhance the security of the application to ensure your privacy and prevent theft or theft of information.