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How to share the screen on Discord | From my computer and Android mobile phone Currently Discord has become one of the most …

How to share the screen on Discord |  From my computer and Android mobile phone Currently Discord has become one of the most ...

Today, Discord has become one of the most used platforms and not only by players, but by all kinds of users. Because, this application offers a large number of special functions for each person, performing facilitates communication more and more with friends and users around the world.

So because it has so many tools, it is necessary to know them all, unfortunately some users do not know screen sharing option. For this reason, we will tell you all the information you need to know about this application and how to use this option by following a few simple steps.

What tools can be used in Discord calls?

First of all, Discord is a special application for voice or text chat, so it is possible to make calls. Fortunately, this platform it gives us many options which we can add once we start the call, some of which are:

Video brand

To apply this option, you need to go to the avatar of one of the users and click on it, this is done while making a video call between several friends. Then focus the video while you stack it in a marquis to the right, on the other hand, if you change the focus to one of your friends, tap another user’s option in the bookmark menu.

If you want to switch to another server while you have the video call in progress, you can do it and it will appear in an image. You can also move this window anywhere on the screen where you feel most comfortable, but if you want to enlarge the screen again, just select the top right corner.

Switch to full screen

This is another option that you will find, in which when you click on the screen switching icon you will see that the video call will expand to a full screen. If you want to exit the full screen, press the «ESC» key on the keyboard.

We recommend that you edit your profile picture before making the video call. This is the most recommended for your friends admit that you call them.

Change the room

This option is usually used for mobile phones that have two or more cameras. To apply it, just look at the screen and look for the icon where one is room with arrow, press it and this option will automatically switch to the other room.

Switch call silence

To add this feature, you need to go to the icon on the right, which is called «Toggle Mute». Once you turn it on, you turn off or turn on the phone’s microphone while you make the call.

play with discord and share the screen

If for some reason you can’t hear anything on Discord, even if you turn on the option. Most likely, there is a problem that you need to fix before making video calls.

What uses can we use Discord’s Screencast tool?

Currently, Discord has a very famous feature, which is screen sharing. It should be noted that this feature allows users who are part of the platform to interact more comfortably with each other. Because this function manages to see everything that any user notices in real-time display, while the call is being made.

The best thing about this option is that you do not need to have one external application. That is, they can do it from the same Discord platform, in other words, this tool allows users who are part of the video call to observe what is happening on the screen of another user’s computer or mobile phone.

This option is perfect when we play, so your friends can see how you play. It is also useful when performing tasks or give some kind of explanation using the screen.

How do I share my device screen via Discord?

To achieve this option, it is necessary to know that we can use it from the official Discord website or from the mobile application.

menu to share the screen in discord

This shows that this platform adapts to all types of users and at its convenience, making it a comfortable option to use from anywhere. Now, in order to share the screen, we need to do the following:

On the site

First, you need to go to the Discord page and sign in, once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the part where your servers or friends appear. Now enter the chat where you want to make the option, then start a video call pressing the option that appears in the top bar.

When your colleague or friend answers the call, you can tap the icon where there is one little monkey and an arrow which is called «Screen Sharing». After activating it, a new tab will open that will say «Choose page» where you will have to choose the tab you want to display. Then select «Share» and you’ll see that everything you do on your computer will appear on the screen.

In the mobile application

You need to have the Discord app installed on your mobile phone, then access the app and call one of your friends in a video call. When you do this, you will see the option that says «Screen sharing» at the bottom, then a statement will appear in which you need to click «Start now».

how to share the screen with discord

Then you will have to wait a few minutes until you start sharing the screen on your mobile phone.

What should I do if Discord won’t let me throw my screen?

This is a fairly rare issue that can happen if Discord does not allow you to share the screen. The best thing you can do is delete the application and reinstall it in the latest version or exit the application and reinsert it. Also, check your internet as it can be a problem in this regard.

How do I turn on or off my audio signal on Discord?

It is common to want to like sounds around youTherefore, you need to apply the voice settings in the section called «Voice and audio». You can also edit it in the window that seems to share screen mode, where in the «Sound» option you can turn it on or off