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How to set up an Internet connection in Windows 10

Cómo configurar una conexión a Internet en Windows 10 4

When you receive a new Windows computer, the first thing to do is set up an Internet connection. If this is the case, you should know that Windows 10 offers many ways to connect to the Internet. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up a WiFi connection or an Ethernet / broadband connection.

How to set up an Internet connection in Windows 10

How to connect to a WiFi network

  1. Press WIN + A to open the Action Center.

  2. Click the wireless icon in the Quick Actions list.

  3. It will reveal the names of all available WiFi networks around you.

  4. Click the wireless network you want to connect to.

  5. You can choose to connect to the WiFi network automatically.

  6. Click Connect.

  7. Enter your network security password or key on the next screen.

How to set up an Internet connection in Windows 10 2

If the credentials are correct, you will be able to connect to the WiFi network.

How to manually connect to WiFi in Windows 10

How to set up an Internet connection in Windows 10 3

Sometimes you may have to stay away from the Internet. It could be your job or you want to save battery. Even when not connected, the WiFi adapter continues to search for networks and consumes battery power. While Windows 10 offers the option to automatically connect to WiFi when it’s set up manually, but if not, there are two options. First, choose options that can automatically reactivate the WiFi adapter. The second option Manual.

  1. Click the wireless icon at the bottom right of the taskbar.

  2. Then tap to turn off the WiFi connection.

  3. A setting will be revealed where you can choose when to reactivate the WiFi connection.

  4. You can choose to turn on WiFi manually, in one hour, in four hours, or in one day.

  5. Select manually.

When you want to connect to the Internet, turn it on again, then choose the network you want to join. It will automatically connect to a system for which the adapter has been previously configured. However, if you decide to connect to the WiFi network manually, you can too.

How to set up a broadband connection in Windows 10

How to set up an Internet connection in Windows 10 4

Many network providers offer a broadband or PPPoE connection that allows you to connect multiple computers to your network. Windows 10 has built-in PPPoE support.

Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Dial-up. Click «Set up a new connection.» The connection setup wizard will start. It normally works with computers connected via Ethernet.

  1. Click on Connect to the internet.

  2. Select Broadband (PPPoE).

  3. Then enter the username, password, and name of the ISP you want to connect to.

Make sure you select to share the connection. Your ISP may have a shared DNS IP address. You can configure them on the network adapter.

This is a tip when using PPPoE. Although you can configure it on your computer, it is recommended that you do so on your router. It will be useful when you have several computers that need an internet connection.

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