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How to set French indentation in quotation marks

How to set French indentation in quotation marks

French sangria is an indentation style used in document paragraphs in a word processor. This type of indentation is highlighted on the left side, more than the rest of the paragraph. This paragraph is called the «French paragraph». French indentation is very useful for quoting the text of a paper, so if you want to know how to use it, it will be very useful to follow the following mini-tutorial.

application of French sangria follow the rules set out above. This will allow you to use it properly in any format, always keeping in mind that quotes should start on one page and be kept separate from the rest. The step-by-step approach to applying French indentation to text citations will be as follows.

Step by step to correctly apply French indentation

  • The first step is to open the file Word document which you are going to use and write the title you are going to use with the quote you want to appear. Write the entire citation keeping in mind that French indentation is used only when the citation has more than two lines.
  • When you have written the full quote, you should go to the top, where the rule is. You will see that there is a button on the left with which you can move the spacer. You can set the appropriate distance by placing the mouse on the ruler.
  • Then you need to drag the bottom triangle along with the square to where you want the text to be perfectly aligned. Move the knob to the right to the margin ½ ”.
  • Just place the French line by clicking Paragraph> Format. When you select «Paragraph», you will need to find the specified indentation area and click «Special». Alignment will be set automatically. Accept all changes and the document will be perfectly configured with French indentation.

With the ruler, you can change the alignments or change the sentences in which you do not want to apply. In this simple way you can apply French indentation to your texts, giving them a much more professional note.

Did you know …

The standards for French indentation have been set by the Modern Language Association and the Association of American Psychologists.

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