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How to schedule messages on WhatsApp

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It’s a rare request, but maybe schedule messages in WhatsApp , very useful for those who use WhatsApp Business and work with messenger. One option is to use SKEDIT (free) that schedules WhatsApp messages and publications of Facebook .

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Using the autopilot messenger saves time, reduces the stress of remembering things, and increases productivity. I usually have great ideas at night (I read at dawn) and this can keep me from waking up with notifications.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp 1

Reasons to schedule messages on WhatsApp

  • Remember someone who always forgets birthdays and special events;
  • Send your message at the most appropriate commercial time;
  • Send reminders to those who tend to forget important tasks;
  • Work in different time zones with teams from other countries around the world.

What you can program with SKEDit

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp 2

  • WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp business
  • Facebook (posts)
  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • call

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp

  1. Download SKEDit for Android ;
  2. Create a Facebook or email account;
  3. Authorize the application manage your communications;
  4. Check it out what services would like to use with programming;
  5. Please select WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business and write your message;
  6. You can ask the app to confirm shipment before it happened.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp 3

What can you do?

  • Schedule individual or group messages;
  • Schedule messages for the year 2100;
  • Schedule recurring schedules by hour, day, week, month, or year;
  • Include attachments such as photos, videos, music, documents in general;
  • However, avoid scheduling multiple messages at once (vary the minutes).

Important security and privacy information

Message privacy

Please note: When using third-party apps to change your WhatsApp conversations, it’s important to avoid sharing sensitive information, bank details, or any other secure content. After all, a second application will have access to the content of this message exchange, which must be created in the SKEDit editor.

Battery optimization

You should also allow the app to bypass the battery optimization lock. In some phones, applications of this type are disabled to reduce power consumption. Because it is not known when the battery will discharge, you must be able to ship.

Screen lock password

Another interesting thing to consider: when the application tries to send a message with the phone locked, the attempt fails. This is because your phone does not need to have a password on the lock screen or with the session active. Because we always have the phone in our hands, this is not a problem.

You certainly don’t want to be without a password, with the phone handed over to anyone. Holding, the lock screen will flash with the SKEDit logo. You can unlock and authorize shipments with a digital code number or drawing pattern.

If you keep your phone password-free (not recommended) at the scheduled time to send the message, the app will only open WhatsApp and activate the device screen.

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