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How to root Elephone E10

How to root Elephone E10

Mobile phone Elephone E10 Like the vast majority of mobile phones belonging to the Elephone corporation, it is a very simple device when it comes to root.

With the help of MTKroot v2.5.5 we managed to compile a process automatic root for Elephone E10 mobile phones, through which you will get root access in less than 5 minutes.

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What is the root?

root or Super user is the common name by which it is normally assigned to user accounts that have all rights in all access modes, both single and multiple.

Similarly, rooting a smartphone is a method that allows the user of a mobile device to gain privileged access in a manner similar to administrative permissions on Unix systems, which also allows bypassing any system restrictions as well as hardware. established by the manufacturer. .

What are the advantages of rooting your Elephone E10

  • Ability to easily remove bloatware as well as suppress inoperable system applications.
  • Free up more internal storage.
  • Adapt any deep system configuration, such as changing the IMEI of the Elephone E10 or MAC address, overclocking and more.
  • Make use of utilities designed for smartphones that have superuser privileges.
  • Resize and delete new partitions from memory (Be careful, doing this is very dangerous).
  • Make full backups or export the rum as well.

Caution and warnings to consider

  1. The device will lose the validity of the warranty issued by the manufacturer.
  2. You risk malicious applications getting permission from superusers.
  3. Danger of damage or loss of information during the procedure, in which case it is recommended that you always make a backup copy before starting the root.
  4. The firmware of your device may be damaged, it is recommended to make sure that you can get an original copy of the rom, if necessary.
  5. Support for FOTA updates will be terminated.

Prerequisites for this method

    • A computer that has Windows W7 or later, 32 / 64bits microarchitectures.
    • A Micro USB data cable.
    • Download the new version of the MTKroot v2.5.5 tool for Elephone E10 on your computer.
    • Download the original rom or boot.img file of Elephone E10 if possible from the official support page.

Note: If you cannot find the firmware for your device, you can simply extract boot.img directly from the Elephone E10 in a simple way by performing the steps in this tutorial.

Terminal settings

First of all, you should make some specific adjustments to the Elephone Elephone E10 options, which are especially Enable OEM unlocking as well as Enable USB debugging.

The two preferences can be located in the programmer section, which you must have previously activated pressing seven times successively per section;

Device settings-> Phone information -> Construction number or software version.

How to root your Elephone E10 mobile phone

Extract the previously downloaded files to your computer and then start the MTKroot v2.5.5 tool.

Launch of MTKroot v2.5.5 on Elephone E10

Click Drivers -> Mediatek and apply the driver installation.

USB Drivers for Elephone E10Install the Elephone E10 USB drivers

Similarly, repeat these steps to implement the driver installation ADB.

Note: The MTKroot v2.5.5 program includes the required USB and Fastboot drivers for the Elephone E10.

Then connect Elephone E10 with your computer using a Micro USB data connector and then click Restart USB.

Click in the top left area There is no boot !! -> Task, add the upload file, and finally click Process patch.

load boot.img Elephone E10

The Magisk Manager program will start automatically on your smartphone, follow the instructions that will appear on the screen to correlate the boot.

Then you have to click the button ADB test and when the ‘Device detected’ line appears, click Go to Fastboot.

Elephone E10 restart USB, ADB test, access FastbootElephone E10 Restart USB + ADB Test + Fastboot

Wait a few seconds in the meantime for the terminal Elephone E10 start in bootloader mode, then click the button Test Fastboot.

Please wait until you see the phrase «Device found‘to move to the next state.

How to open bootloader on Elephone E10 mobile devices

In the next step you will need to open the Elephone E10 bootloader, an essential task that you can do in a fully automatic way.

It is advisable to ignore the operation if you have opened it on another occasion.

Press Test Bootloader if you need to make sure the bootloader is in good condition.

Check the charger on the Elephone E10Check the charger of the Elephone E10

If you deem it necessary release the bootloader from the Elephone E10 you just have to click once Release Bootloader -> Accept and then complete the instructions that appear on the terminal screen.

Press the key increase the volume to authorize.

Open the Elephone E10 chargerOpen the Elephone E10 charger

Caution: When the bootloader is unlocked, your terminal software will be restored to its default state.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you back up or, if you prefer, simply copy your contacts, photos, files, and other data to the SD memory.

After releasing the bootloader, there are only a few seconds left to complete this tutorial and finally leave your Elephone E10 mobile phone rooted correctly.

In the upper left area of ​​the program choose the root option, then click once on the Root button in the opposite corner.

Flag Root Elephone E10Flag Root Elephone E10

Your Elephone E10 will be rooted almost immediately, so you’ll see the «OK» line on your Elephone E10 and in the MTKroot v2.5.5 tool.

Then click once Exit Fastboot To restart the phone, it will restart the Android system.

After your mobile device has completely restarted, tap Applications -> Install Magisk and make sure the Magisk Manager application is actually on the Elephone E10 panel.

For Magisk Manager to work properly, you need to connect your device to the Internet, either via Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

To complete this tutorial just click the button Check Root -> then accept and ready.

Check Root Elephone E10Check Root Elephone E10

Note: If the Magisk Manager application is not installed, click once To uninstall, wait a few seconds and click again Install Magisk.

Simplifying the process

Rooting the Elephone E10 contouring processRooting the Elephone E10 contouring process

  1. Open the MTKroot v2.5.5 application and then connect your Elephone E10 to your computer.
  2. Restart Elephone E10 in bootloader mode by clicking the button Go to Fastboot -> Test Fastboot.
  3. If necessary, unlock the bootloader by clicking Release Bootloader.
  4. Finally select the option root and press the button Root.

Video tutorial help on how to root Elephone E10