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How to return to the previous application WITHOUT using the multitasking button

Cómo regresar a la aplicación anterior SIN usar el botón de multitarea

To return to the previous application, you must press the square button twice, ie the virtual button at the bottom of the navigation bar. In addition to displaying recent one-touch applications, this button allows you to return to the application you used previously if you double-click it. However, what can you do if that button doesn’t work or the screen has cracked in that area and there’s no touch response right there? There is an Android application that exactly replaces the action of that button on the screen and will allow you return to the previous application where have you been, in one touch and without having to use the box button on your device (or the «back» button on older devices). Your name: Latest Switcher application «LAS».

LAS works exactly like The «Jump» or «Jump» button on the TV control (the one used to switch to the last channel viewed): used to skip to the last app you’re using. How does it work? Simple. Just download and install the app from Google Play. Done, open it and check if it’s enabled (The latest Switcher application is switcher ON). From that moment you will see a the button on the screen which will allow you to switch to the latest application at the touch of a button.

the virtual button of the last application switch

Customize the button to make it less annoying on the screen: by opening the Last App Switcher you can swipe down to configure the transparency of the button (Switch visibility) and size (Choose the size of the float).

visibility of the latest application switchthe last application switch in the application

Change the LAS button to another location on the screen just pulling it wherever you want. It is recommended not to be in the lower half of the screen to avoid tripping when using the keyboard.

the last LAS application switch close

You can remove button from Last App Switcher holding it down and then pulling it towards the large circle «LAS». This opens the application and from there you can deactivate it by clicking OFF.

The difference between LAS and the mobile box button is that the app allows jump immediately between the last two recent applications, bypassing the recent apps screen. That is, it is faster than pressing the multitasking button on your mobile phone twice. On older devices, the «back» button allows you to go back and forth until you reach the original application, which does not completely replace LAS.

Download Last App Switcher: Google Play

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