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How to restart a game or application on Android

Cómo REINICIAR un juego o aplicación en Android

If you want to play a game on your mobile phone from scratch, you don’t need to uninstall and reinstall it. You can restart it from your Android system settings, so you don’t have to download it again.

It’s all about going to Settings> Apps> Game or app name> Storage> Delete data. Accept the warning and you’re done. When you open it again, you will see that it will be as if you had just installed it.

Images above: Restarting the Homescapes game

Works with any application or game installed on your mobile phone. Even default or factory applications. If you don’t see an app in Settings> Apps, tap the three-dot button at the top and select «All.»

This is especially useful for deleting game progress without downloading and reinstalling (tiring if it’s a big game), but it can also be used to fix an application that isn’t working properly due to corrupt data or to reset settings and parameters implicit.

If you tap the «Delete data» button, a warning will appear stating that all application data will be permanently deleted, including files, settings, accounts, databases, etc. Be sure to back up all this information if you don’t want to lose it, especially files that might have been saved on your device. If it’s a login app like Instagram, it’s a good idea to know your username and password to sign in again after rebooting. If you don’t know them, look at your Google Account.

It is worth noting that this method deletes the local data (device) of the application. Data in the cloud, such as your Instagram photos and videos, will still be there when you sign in again. In the case of WhatsApp, your chats would be deleted, but since they are also copied to the cloud, when you reconfigure or reinstall the application, you will be given the option to recover them.

Data and progress are not deleted?

Google Backup that also accepts information only

This is something that many users have experienced despite having done the above and it is probably due to the automatic backup of applications on Android. This feature, available on devices with Android 6 or later, automatically saves application and game data, and recover this data also automatically when these applications are reinstalled. Probably for this reason, you still see that the progress of the game is still there, despite the fact that you deleted data, uninstalled and reinstalled.

The potential solution to this problem is to disable this automatic backup from Android, Google, Backup Settings. The switch that says “Create a backup. in Google Drive »should be gray as seen above. Only after you do this, continue deleting the data from the app or game and reinstalling the app.

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