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How to reset or hard reset my Android tablet without using the volume buttons

How to reset or hard reset my Android tablet without using the volume buttons

Technological equipment is subject to the vicissitudes of life, such as forgetting the unlock pattern or subject to internal contingencies which are not expected, such as solving the «application stopped» problem, leading to measures such as a hard reset.

The ability to perform a hard reset on a computer is very demanding, because it is an extremely useful action, but you need to know how to perform it. Applies to all telephone brands with the Android system, from its realization to the Sony Xperia models, to the preludes of other brands such as LG. And, in general, all hard resets are worth the help of manual controls.

Reset or reset your Android tablet without using the volume buttons

Manufacturers of technological materials make great efforts to keep their products with optimal operation for a long time, a long time. But there may be times when it is necessary to resort to actions that lead to saving the original functions of the device, in this case Android tablets. There are two ways to do this.

hard reset for android tablet

One of these modes will be preconceived, where designers anticipate events and schedule an internal mechanism. perform a quick reset and controlled, which theoretically would have been done by the same company, because it configured everything before, so that the user, if necessary, perform only the manual actions that begin the process.

The second way will be by manual means, which requires the direct participation of the tablet user to initiate and accompany the start and perform hard reset, in this case without having volume buttons on the Android tablet. Let’s see how to do each.

Manual hard reset for Android tablet without volume buttons

In this case another mechanism preconceived by the manufacturer, for protection issues and help for its users, but this requires a start and a manual process. But it’s quick and easy.

With the Android tablet turned off, we go to the reset button, which is small and hidden, inside a hole on the sides of the tablet, we press it lightly, inserting a sharp and, in unison, press the power button. Starting the operating system in Recovery mode.

Already inside him we repeat the action with him the reset button and the power button, to go to the execution of the confirmations that the equipment asks to perform the hard reset. Completed with the Data / Factory Reset option, the power button will be used for confirmation, under the «Yes-Delete all user data» option. This followed by a moment, will start and execute the process.

This will make it easy for you to manually reset your hard drive on your Android tablet. Remember the implications of a hard reset. Well, you have to keep them in mind, because once this process is over, it cannot be reversed.

Pre-designed hard reset for Android tablet without volume buttons

This process is about an action that it is possible to execute through internal steps and preconfigured, which is only worth the request to start or start by the owner of the Android tablet. Which is very helpful for solving problems that may occur in the computer regarding the software. Fast and safe.

Android tablet

To this end, it must go directly to the settings icon, that in the middle of so much information, there will be a section indicating the option of «factory reset», this namesake will vary depending on the model of the Android tablet and the manufacturer’s company.

Then we move on perform the hard reset start process, make the clip manually or press this option. Which will lead to a submenu where there are reset options for various functions and related actions, one of which will be the hard reset, which looks like: «reset to factory settings»

Once there, the option is chosen and a series of details will be displayed that must be read and taken into account, before continuing the hard reset, once the reading is completed, press «reset» and the system starts and performs the hard reset, on their own.