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How to renovate a living room without works and without changing furniture

How to renovate a living room without works and without changing furniture

You can completely renovate a living room (or any other room) without the need for work or renovations and, of course, without the need to buy new furniture.

I face this task every week in a room of one of my clients who want to change completely, but do not have the time or desire to get involved in construction, but want to enter their salon and make it look like another; a new room.

If you are looking for the same thing, follow me, what will we see? 4 solutions for the complete renovation of the living room, without renovations or buying furniture. We start:

Paint everything you want to renew

Paint is the most economical and efficient resource for renovating any space or piece of furniture. If you want a radical change in the living room, paint it.

Change the color of your walls for a completely different one that catches your eye. Simply with this you will be created a new «shell» in which everything inside, furniture, decorative objects, etc., will have a new look when seen on a new background.

But don’t sit alone on the walls. If changing the paint on the walls of the living room gives it a new and renewed look, he also does it on furniture.

Paint old furniture and change the color will make the furniture look like others. Especially if you have old wooden furniture. The change is so efficient and powerful that your furniture does not mean that it will look renewed, but that it will look like another. And only with paint.

AND if you want to move on, paint the doors. Most older homes have old, worn wooden doors. Painting them white is usually a solution that works for almost everyone, as it goes with anything and makes the space brighter and more spacious.

And, although this task is relatively simple, if you want a professional and fast result, it is best to hire the help of a professional painter, who will leave you perfect finishes in record time.

You can find a professional in your area using online services, such as the Hogami painting service, with Leroy Merlin’s commitment, where you fill in some information specifying what you want to paint, where you live and other settings and select the perfect professional painter for your. You can even talk to him and answer questions or clarify the details of the paper!

Once you have changed and renewed the color of the walls, furniture and doors, if necessary, your living room will be a completely new space.

But it still exists other tips to renew it even more without the need for work.

Cover your floors with carpets and hide them

Renovate the living room without work, cover the floors

One of the most common problems I face in decorative projects in which a client wants to renovate his living room without doing any work is the floor.

In general, even if the floor is in good condition, it is so old, and the client is so tired of seeing it that they have even caught a mania. You know what I mean, right?

A quite efficient, economical and fast solution to change or hide your floors without the need for work or renovations is to dress them with carpets.

If you have a sofa area and a dining area in your living room, putting a proper rug in each area will not only enhance the decor of each area and delimit the spaces, but will hide your floors almost completely.

The advantage of using carpets to hide a floor that you no longer like is that you can change them from time to time with little financial effort.

And you have no limitations, colors or anything. It’s like putting a purple carpet with phosphorite!

Indeed, cover your floors with carpets and you will see how that floor that you can no longer see disappears. It is extremely effective to put a new and beautiful carpet that you like, covering the floor that you can no longer see.

After these two points that I just saw, we have renewed walls, furniture, carpentry and floors without the need to do work. But we can go further in renovating the room. A lot more:

Upholster, rewind and change the textiles of the whole room

Renew your living room without work: change the textiles

Take a moment in your living room and watch it carefully.

Now count the textiles you see on it. Let’s take a small example:

I stop in the living room and count the textiles I see: the sofa, the curtains, the pillows, the armchair, the chairs. You have them too, don’t you?

Now imagine the extraordinary change you can make by changing these textiles.

It is true that upholstering or upholstering a generously sized sofa is more expensive than buying a new one, so in this case, what I recommend is to put a beautiful cover on it. The change is spectacular.

Let me tell you a little anecdote that has marked me since I was little in this regard.

When I was little and going to school, it was morning when I came home to eat and as a child I found a practically new room in my eyes.

And that’s because my mother, with her few financial resources, very occasionally, when she considered it necessary and financially capable, bought new covers for the big sofa and for the two suitable armchairs we had.

And when I walked into the living room, I was amazed at the radical change the living room took, just by putting on some new covers. Was awesome.

And he did nothing else. That is, in this case, the mother did not paint the walls or furniture and did not put new carpets. I would just buy some new covers and I had a lounge with a completely different look and feel.

Now imagine if you change the curtains, pillowcases and put a new cover or upholstery on the chairs. You won’t even recognize him.

According to Luis Alfonso López, store manager for the state-of-the-art textile decoration company Gastón y Daniela, “Upholstered furniture has the ability to change its skin, just like the one that changes its suit«. More reason than a saint. Do not miss this advantage and renew all the textiles you can.

And we can continue to renovate the living room without doing any work or renovations or changing the furniture.

Finish the decor

Renew your living room without work: update the decor

Now you have done the biggest thing: painting the walls, the furniture and adding and changing the textiles. You did it in record time and on a minimal budget. And you have a new salon. Nine.

The only thing left for you is to catch them all small decorative details as ceiling, table and floor lamps; ornaments and books of the TV cabinet and the central element of the table, among other small details and change them for new arrangements in the new style of your living room.

This is also the funniest part. This is the part where you go shopping to buy decorative «trinkets».

These little details that you love and that you can put in any corner. Go for that decorative sheet that you love so much and now fits in with your new living room, for that beautiful wicker basket to put your pots in, for that manual ladder to decorate the corner or for that wonderful green lamp mint screen you loved when you saw it on Instagram.

Enjoy these changes and complete the renovation of the room.

As you can see, you can completely transform your living room without the need for work or renovation and without changing even a piece of furniture.

Of course, all the advice I have set out here must be applied according to your salon, according to your tastes and resources, adapting them to your circumstances. So, I invite you, if you have any questions, leave a comment to which I will be happy to answer.

And if you think this article can help a friend or family member, share it. Thanks!