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How to remove recently added Windows 11 applications

esconder apps agregadas recientemente.

hide recently added applications.

If you’ve recently installed Windows 11, the first thing you’ll notice is that it has one completely new Start menu. Although it is true that in TutoWin10 I did some tutorials to make it look like Windows 10 and I even taught you how to put the button on the left. However, there are many differences with the previous version of Microsoft, one of them is that when we display Start we will see how there is a section with recently added applications which can be annoying. Don’t worry, they are easy to remove and throughout this simple tutorial we will explain you 2 methods to remove them completely.

What are the recently added apps in Windows 11?

It is a space where we can see what programs I recently installed in Windows 11, in this way we can have direct access to them. However, despite its definite usefulness, not many people feel comfortable with this option because it takes up some space in the Start menu. So if you are one of them, do not worry that below we will explain 2 methods to completely remove this new functionality from the system.

How to hide recently added apps in Windows 11 2021

For the first method we need to open the system configuration, there are many methods to access this section, one of them would be following these steps:

  1. select start button by right-clicking on the mouse.
  2. I entered «Setup».


We enter the next screen «Personalization».

Windows 11 customization.

  1. We enter the left section «Beginning».
  2. Disable the option that says «Show recently added apps».

delete recently added applications.

How to remove recently added applications individually in Windows 11 2021 quickly and easily

You should also know that you can remove the recently added applications in Windows 11 one by one. To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. We press start button.
  2. select recently added application which we want to delete by right-clicking on the mouse.
  3. Let’s go to «Remove from list».

recently added Windows 11 applications.

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