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How to remove or disable Call of Duty Mobile notifications on my Android or iPhone

How to remove or disable Call of Duty Mobile notifications on my Android or iPhone

Call of Duty is one of the most popular and successful games in the market. Over the years it has gained worldwide recognition, becoming known in a large number of countries and, in turn, breaking all kinds of sales records. This incredible saga of war and history is fully available on almost all platforms, consoles and operating systems. But this has not always been the case.

In its early days, when its first title known as «Call of Duty» was released in mid-2003, it was only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system, but due to its impact on the video game world, this saga extended to other famous platforms of those times, as well as game consoles.

But exactly, What is Call of Duty about? Don’t worry, we’ll explain here. This important saga of first-person shooter video games focuses entirely on military combat, ie Call of Duty is inspired by all the wars that have taken place in recent years and have been an important part of the history of many countries and in self, of humanity.

In its first saga we can easily see reflected the various missions and battles that took place during the first and second world wars. Some important episodes in this video game series are Operation Husky, Battle of Normandy, Z-Day, Campaign in Italy, Operation Market Garden, Battle of Berlin and more.

In the rest of his saga we can denote other major wars such as the Cold War or the Vietnam War. But it’s also important to note that some of these titles have fictional stories and scenarios created by game developers. These can be seen reflected in the latest saga and launched on the market in recent years.

Call of Duty dynamics As such, it has always been based on the fact that the player is part of a combat team and as the missions go on, you will be focused on various aspects and military areas, such as being a sniper, being able to handle a plane, a ship. or a tank, because you can develop as part of the army as such and perform all your field missions.

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In all these titles You will come to represent the American, British, Russian or French army during the various missions and battles that took place in those long and difficult years, thus managing to recreate in one way or another the experience of being there.

What is Call of Duty Mobile?

Is a mobile version with Android and iOS system. It was officially launched at the end of 2019 and is currently fully available on the Play Store and App Store, although in the same way you can get the APK file from an alternative store or from third parties such as Uptodown, APKfree or Aptoid.

At the time of launch, it generated a positive impact, managing to prevail over its more direct rivals, such as Free Fire or PUBG. It was considered the best game of that year and got the maximum number of downloads in Android and iOS stores.

It focuses on a good list of game modes in which we can highlight battle royale, which is a game mode in an open place where everyone will fight against everyone or you can go in teams. It also has the classic multiplayer mode in which 2 teams fight to the death on any of the multiple maps that the game has.

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How can we remove Call of Duty Mobile notifications on Android or iPhone?

To be able to deactivate the continuum CoD notifications Just follow the steps on your phone to make sure you don’t see them again.

We will enter the configuration section of our phone and access the applications section. There we will search for the CoD mobile application and from there we will click on the Notifications box, then we will deactivate them successfully. Further you will no longer see notifications.