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How to remove or delete an iPhone’s iCloud account before selling or offering it

How to remove or delete an iPhone's iCloud account before selling or offering it

If you want to sell or offer your iPhone, it is recommended that you delete or delete the iCloud account that you signed up for. iCloud is responsible for making a copy of all files and information which contains your iPhone device.

This is why it is recommended remove or delete your iCloud account an iPhone device before selling or offering it. In this article we will show you how to do it.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is basically a storage system which is based on backing up and saving the content you have on your Apple devices so that you can access it at any time via iPhone, Mac, iPad or iPod Touch at the same time or separately.

This storage system works by hosting all the files, documents, and information it contains on your Apple devices. in a cloud on the internet. The iCloud platform was launched for Apple devices in 2011.

iCloud on iPhone

Currently, this is one of the reasons why many of the users I prefer to use the Apple operating system. iCloud gives you features like backing up to the cloud and accessing your iCloud account through various Apple devices.

You can also use iCloud services to locate your Apple device in case of theft or loss, and of course one of the most notable features is that does not use storage space in your device’s memory..

iCloud takes up the most space minimal information which you have on your Apple device and store it on the internet. Even if all your content is uploaded to the internet, it will only be visible to the user who has the account.

This Apple storage system has a total of 5 GB free for each user. It’s a system one hundred percent sure despite the fact that it is anchored to the internet. To enjoy the services that iCloud provides to the Apple user community, you need to create an Apple ID.

How do I remove or delete an iCloud account from an iPhone before selling or offering it?

For delete your iCloud account Before selling or offering your iPhone, you can do it through the same iPhone device or through a computer.

To perform this procedure via the same iPhone device Just go to settings and locate the iCloud option, once here at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the «delete account» or «sign out» option.

When you press it, it will prompt you your Apple ID key and will ask you to confirm this action. After confirmation, your iCloud account or Apple ID will be removed from your iPhone device.

If you want to perform this procedure through a computerYou need to go to the official iCloud page, log in with your username, select the «search» option from the menu, and then select «all devices.»

All devices related to that account will be displayed here, where you will select the one you want to delete, then click on the option «delete account«,»remove iPhone«Or»Exit«.

To verify that your account has been successfully deleted from the selected device, you can check from the same page under «Check the status of the activation lock”And enter the serial number or IMEI of the device to check and here it will show if it is active or not.

enter your iCloud account

How do I transfer my iCloud data from one iPhone to another?

When you turn on the new device, the option for restore an iCloud backup, here you need to put your iCloud account data, which is the same data as your Apple ID.

Verify that the backup you are about to restore is correct, you can verify this looking at the mentioned backup date. The device will then begin to restore all the contents of the backup that you selected.

After completing the backup restore process, follow the steps provided by the system for complete successfully content restoration.

During this process it is recommended to keep the device cconnected to a WiFi network and make sure you have sufficient load so as not to interrupt the backup restore process.