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How to remove blue popcorn from WhatsApp?

Cómo quitar las palomitas azules de WhatsApp?

For several years, the message reading function can be activated in the WhatsApp messaging application. It means that you can tell when the other person has read a message from you, through the two blue popcorn that appear next to that message. At first glance, it seems like a good thing to know if someone has already seen your messages. However, its big disadvantage is that by activating this feature, the other person will also know when you have read their messages.

For remove these blue popcorn on WhatsApp You need to open the app, tap the three-dot button in the top right, and select Settings, Account, Privacy. There you will find the «Read receipts» option. Check that the switch is off (swip left or gray). This way, the other person will not know when you have read their messages (only the popcorn will appear). The downside is that you will also see popcorn when someone has seen your messages.

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Do you take out my blue popcorn and keep the other one?

You are wondering if there is any way that this option works only for you and not for the other person. That is, to know if they read you, but the other does not know that you read it. This is as simple as putting your mobile phone in airplane mode. Only then open the message and thus, while the mobile phone is offline, the read confirmation will not be sent to the other phone. Of course, the problem is that if you reconnect the phone, the blue popcorn will be sent necessarily.

application to enter WhatsApp without being seen

A better way to solve this problem without having to disconnect your phone is to install an application such as «Hide double Tic«, What is the application you should use whenever you want to enter to read the messages that have been sent to you, without sending the two blue popcorn to another person. This app even prevents them from seeing you online while viewing and replying to incoming messages, which is very useful even if you have blue ticks turned off (so they don’t tell you things like «you’re online and don’t answer me») .

Should I delete or keep read receipts?

This ability to remove or keep blue popcorn is something that has caused quite a few positive and negative reactions after release. If you do not turn off the mobile internet or use the indicated application, you are in the dilemma of whether to turn them on or off for all conversations. You can’t choose this via chat, which would be very useful. For example, if this were possible, you could uncheck the double box to chat with your partner so that absurd «read and unanswered» discussions are presented and kept active for «less pressure» chats like friends and family. In turn, I turned them on and didn’t have to hide my blue popcorn every time I read messages. Sometimes I will be able to answer them at that moment, other times not. Sometimes there is simply no answer. After all, at some point a conversation ends. This is something that many people find difficult to do and, for some reason, leaves you gray indefinitely (despite the fact that they read your messages). It must not be wrong to let someone see you on certain occasions.

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