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How to remove and uninstall Quick Swipe virus quickly

How to remove and uninstall Quick Swipe virus quickly

Technological advances are innumerable in the same way mobile innovations that appear every day. And therefore, a large variety and quantity of viruses that can affect our personal data, it is very important to know the subject of these viruses, because some people do not recognize them after they are perched on our mobile applications.

Viruses are completely harmful to technological equipment, whether they are computers, tablets or mobile phones, but by studying the subject we can prevents these things from happening to our devices.

It should be noted that there are some viruses that are faster when it comes to entering our personal files and destroying them completely, others can simply be eliminated with applications for cleaning and immediate detection of the virus.

We often realize the presence of a virus when it does not return and everything is damaged, so we must prevent all this and detect it in time avoiding you lose important information, files that we have protected and other pertinent things in our lives.

There are different types of viruses, what changes is their purpose, some go directly to applications, when others are virtually deleting contacts, photos, videos, and our phone may be slow for the same reason.

Android system with virus

How to remove and uninstall Quick Swipe virus quickly

Fast drag is a very powerful virus and of course unwanted for network users, it can even enter our personal data in order to remove it and uninstall it completely we must follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, you have to turn off our cell phone and then enter «safely».
  2. Following this, we turn it on and press the volume up and down buttons several times and at the same time, there safe mode will appear.
  3. Once this is done, it must enter settings » – applications – application manager » select the » download » tab and immediately search for » BaDoink » you need to click on » delete ».
  4. Finally, once it’s removed, we turn off our cell phone to get out of safe mode.
  5. Then we turn it on again check if the Quick Swipe virus has been removed That’s right, it’s so simple, so this virus will no longer be a problem.

The virus will be removed, so it is unlikely to appear again, if it happens again, we already know what to do to fix it immediately and protect our mobile phone.

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Ways to protect my mobile phone from various viruses

These viruses they are usually a big threat to users, and their furniture, therefore there are ways to avoid this at all costs. The first thing is that when we download any application that contains advertising, we must first have an antivirus application, this would help us a lot, some people do not trust these applications, but the truth is that they are effective depending on their quality.

When browsing the web we should not browse unverified sites, Because most of them contain viruses that negatively affect our device in quantity, which is why the Play Store always checks that they are healthy when you download applications.

If we use these methods, we can reduces the risk of getting a virus through the internet and, of course, we save time, money and we are sure that everything will be fine on our device.

Better antivirus options

The most of applications available in the Play Store They are safe, as we mentioned before, but nevertheless, for greater security, it is good to have a recognized and reliable antivirus, one of them is «Kapersky Antivirus», which allows us to thoroughly scan all devices our mobile.

We can also enter the web in look for a safe antivirusBecause «virustotal» is a very good option when evaluating any type of virus problem on your devices, you will receive it immediately for us.

Must you have your antivirus enabled at any time, because we do not know which pages and applications contain viruses and which do not, so we must ensure that we navigate immediately for greater trust and security.

However, they are it is not a complete guarantee protective. Therefore, you should consider any page you visit and the downloaded file.