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How to remove a love on Facebook

como eliminar un me encanta de facebook

Undoubtedly, it is pleasant to receive feedback on publications made by different users and friends on Facebook. However, some reactions can, unfortunately, be disconcerting, uncomfortable and angry because they are not empathetic or in accordance with what has been published or, a person’s reaction can bring a misunderstanding to one (jealousy).

For these reasons, we would like to present the following article: how to remove a facebook love from someone else where we will clarify certain things and after that, we will present 5 solutions that allow delete a love on Facebook ranging from the most logical, through the most ingenious to the most drastic and efficient. Examine each of them and choose your option (the last one is the best).

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How to delete a love on Facebook [ACLARACIONES]

First and foremost, and without wishing to cause any concern, we need to make it clear that the reactions given by other users to photos, comments, stories, or any publication I make in Facebook they cannot be eliminated by you. That is, in simple terms, there is no button on Facebook that you can use to eliminate reactions as in the case of the reaction: «I like«One or another user did it in his Facebook post.

Now that I’ve said the above, There are some very reasonable solutions or tricks that can be done in these cases to deal with this situation and thus, and in a fake way, delete a love on Facebook from another person as well, in order to hide or make it invisible to other people who have given it «I like«It simply came to our notice then.

Next, we present 5 concrete solutions that you can execute for this type of inconvenience, we review them all and choose the most suitable one.

How to remove a love from Facebook SOLUTION # 1: Ask to remove it

The first solution to this inconvenience, allows you to delete someone else’s Facebook love in a very clean way, as well as quite reasonable and civilized.

This solution is useful when you have enough time to solve this, but last but not least, a certain trust or friendship with the person who gave it: «I like«Which generates a certain discomfort in order to keep the friendship and not reach a major conflict.

How to ask to remove a love from Facebook [MÉTODO]

To achieve this solution, simply send a very friendly message to the person who gave that «I like«On Facebook, he asks them in good terms, if they can eliminate that reaction from their publication, because he somehow asks them for one reason or another, because they may have a problem with the reaction to their publication.

Certainly the key here is to compose a very good message, explaining the other person’s situation without wanting to hurt the feelings and be able to eliminate herself. «I like«And get out of this mess, without any bruising for both of you.

How to remove a love from someone else on Facebook | SOLUTION # 2: Delete the Post

A second solution to this problem, allows you to remove a love on Facebook that someone else has given in a much more diligent and radical way, but without serious injuries or major conflicts involved.

Specifically, this solution can be used when it is necessary to remove a «I like«As soon as possible (as soon as possible), but also, unfortunately, all the reactions it had, as well as the publication in question will be sacrificed and therefore, you should think about whether it is the most appropriate solution. for your problem.

How to delete a post on Facebook [MÉTODO]

The first, will log into their Facebook account (if they haven’t done so) and then they’ll go to their biography and find the publication that has those or those. «I love«That you want to remove it and then here, you will click or click on the icon».the three suspension points«They appear in the upper right and after that, a menu will open and select the option that says:»Remove«Or»Delete the post”.

How to remove a Facebook like from someone else

Once the above is done, a new window will open asking you to confirm this action here too, simply press or click the option that says: «Remove”.

remove a like from my facebook

In a practically automatic way, that post they made on Facebook will be deleted, as well as all the reactions and comments that that post had will be deleted.

Note no: It should be noted here that a deleted post cannot be retrieved on Facebook. What you can do is re-edit it, but the novelty effect may not be the same to get feedback and comments on that publication.

How to remove a love from Facebook SOLUTION # 3: Hide the post

This other solution, effectively allows you to delete a love made on Facebook by someone else in a fairly secretive and fairly discretionary way.

In any case, It is necessary to say that this solution will hide all the reactions and comments that have been made, as well as the respective publication, but yes, the publication will not be sacrificed. It will only be hidden from the eyes of others and they will be able to show it again when they think it is appropriate (it can be a temporary or permanent action).

How to hide a post on Facebook [MÉTODO]

Must access your Facebook account (if they have), look for this post that has that reaction: «I like«And then they will press or click the button»the three suspension points«Which is at the top right and after that, a menu will open and select the option that says:»Hide in bio«Or»Hide from bioHow to connect to Facebook

how to remove a like from another person on facebook

With the previous action performed, a central window will open asking you to: If I’m sure they’ll do that? And you will confirm by clicking: «Hide«Or they will click on the option that says:»Confirm”.

how to remove a like from another person on facebook

Very well, that post will be hidden immediately along with the reactions and comments you have had and will not be seen by other contacts or Facebook users, not even by you.

Note no. 2: it is necessary to clarify that the publication is hidden from everyone and that they can see or show it again whenever they want, by going to the option that says: «Activity register«And once here, they will be able to select the option to display that publication again.

How to remove a love from Facebook Solution # 4: Determine who sees the post

Another interesting alternative to this impasse, allows you to immediately or quickly remove a love on Facebook made by someone else and without losing the post in question.

Good, This solution can be executed when you want to save the publication in one way (not lose it), but last but not least, when you want one or more of your contacts not to see that person’s reaction in the publication, as they may have a conflict with him or them or the person reacting may have an argument with him or her.

How to configure who sees a publication [MÉTODO]

First, they have to access their Facebook account and then they will look in their biography for the publication that has that «I like«And once found, they will click or click on the icon»the three suspension points«Which appear in the upper right of that publication and after that, a menu will open and they will select here, the option that says:»Edit privacy«On Android or, write:»Edit the post«On the computer.

how to remove a like from another person on facebook

Set who sees the post on Android

Once this is done, the section “Privacy«And then here, click on the option that says, ‘Friends except …«And a new section will open where you can see your contact list and here, select the user or users who don’t want to see the post by clicking the envelope icon of the circle sign with the sign»Less«From each of these contacts so that they are red and will eventually click»Keep«It appears in the upper right.

how to remove a like from another person on facebook

Set who sees the post on your PC

On the other hand, those who use a PC will see a central window and click on the tab that says: «friendship«Or»Public«And when you do that, a new menu and option will be displayed that says,»Friends except …«

how to eliminate a reaction on facebook

Then a central window will open and you will see the list of all your contacts here. Well, they will have to look for the contacts who do not want to see the publication and select them by clicking on them and after doing so, they will simply click on the button that says: «Save the changes”.

how to remove a like from another person on facebook

Once you’ve done this, the post will not be available for viewing by people who have been restricted from viewing the post.

Note no. 3: it is necessary to say here that this restriction for other users may and, if it deems it appropriate, return it in the future or, if it deems it prudent, limit it to other contacts in the option called: «Activity register”.

How to remove a love from Facebook SOLUTION # 5: Block the person

One last and best option to do in these cases, allows – somehow – to remove a love from Facebook made by another person in a drastic way and nothing less than to block the person who reacts in this way.

In doing so, the publication said that “I like«But the beautiful and interesting thing is that whoever gave this will not appear in public»I like«Because you were blocked directly by you.

How to block a person on Facebook [MÉTODO]

To perform this action, they will log into their Facebook account and enter the profile of the user who gave me that love in their post and here, you have to click or click on the icon of the «three ellipsis» button that appears in the footer the cover photo options and after that, a menu will be displayed and here they will select the option that says: «To block«Or»Confirm”.

how to block a person on facebook

Once the above is done, that user will be removed from his contacts and their name or identity will not be displayed in the reactions they had in their publications. In other words, only the reaction I love will be considered in the case of this publication, but no one will know who gave it (only you).

user as blocked

Note no. 4: it is necessary to emphasize here that a blockade can be reversed in the future if it considers it reasonable and if it does, the identity of that person will reappear in the reactions they have made in their publications.