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How to remove a like on Tinder

eliminar like de tinder

Mistakenly liking Tinder is one of the fatalities that happens when profiles slide to a large part of the users of this dating application and, of course, there are not a few users who unsuccessfully look for a way to cancel so they gave by mistake. For this reason, we would like to present the following article in RecursosPrá, called: how to remove a like on Tinder that, in the first instance, it aims to clarify this issue of the possibility of deleting a like on Tinder and after that, there will be another viable solution to this mess that usually happens to many Tinder users.

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Cancel Tinder [ACLARACIÓN]

In the first instance and to save time, it is necessary to point out that there is no option to be able to cancel a like on Tinder if you use Tinder for free or if you use Tinder Gold or Plus.

Now, however, there are some commendable and interesting solutions that can serve as a palliative when they have this involuntary error in Tinder that can make them uncomfortable and, above all, when the person who was wronged is not in your best interest.

How to remove a like on Tinder | OPTION # 1: Ignore like

A first option for this mess is practically ignoring what has been given. That is, do not worry about this unfortunate mistake and if the user likes his profile and becomes a match, ignore him directly even if the other person sends him a message.

Certainly, this option can be difficult for the other person. However, there are quite a few users who ignore and ignore the matches they had in TInder, and most likely the other person understands that there is no interest on their part.

How to remove a like on Tinder | OPTION # 2: Goodbye and good luck

Another good option, which could be a little better, is simply to ignore this brief and if there is a match with that user over time, it should be rude. delete the match from Tinder even if the person sent them a message.

Undoubtedly, this option allows you to remove a like on Tinder when it is already turned into a match and it is advisable to run it, when that user ignores and insists with new messages, even if it is somewhat harsh. It won’t bother you again and everything will be zero.

How to remove a like on Tinder | OPTION # 3: Clean the slate

One last option and no less important, it is absolutely and radical to make a real clean slate on Tinder. In other words, they have the option to delete their Tinder account and, once they have done so, return to create a new Tinder account to start over and you can remove a like from Tinder.

It is true that this option is too drastic to achieve and is lost with it, all those matches that were made, messages and conversations, as well as all the likes that they gave and those that were given and, from these reasons, you need to think very carefully about the execution of this option.

However, it is a good option when they have just started using Tinder and do not have a match or have people who are not really interested in them or, in other cases, when someone they know (friend, ex-boyfriend or ex) girlfriend was appreciated) and you don’t want to have any connection or be caught by Tinder.