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How to remove a broken key from a motorcycle lock

como sacar una llave rota de una cerradura de moto

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If you’re reading this, it’s because you did it he broke the key inside a motorcycle lockIf so, you have come to the right place, because here you can find the best tricks and methods to remove the broken key from the motorcycle lock. So you can save on the cost of changing a lock.

And it is that, no matter how careful we are, the keys at some point always tend to break, either when we try to remove them or when we turn the ignition, at some point the key does not want to continue to be a single piece and decides to pause.

how to remove a broken key from a motorcycle lockHow to remove a broken key from a motorcycle lock

Then you worry, you think about changing the contact and all the expenses that it could generate, the lost time and so on.

So, we want to show you three ways you can take the broken key out of the lock on your steel keel before going to a mechanic or locksmith.

3 ways to remove a broken key from a motorcycle lock

If you want to know
how to remove a broken key from a motorcycle lock, here we will show you step by step how to remove it without the need for more tools.

Remove the broken key from the motorcycle contact with fine pliers

One of the best techniques you can use remove a key from the motorcycle contact Use fine tweezers and a needle, or if you have a tool for extracting broken keys much better, although the latter is unlikely.

motorcycle keyMotorcycle key

So, to extract the broken key from the motorcycle lock, we will only need a long, fine and durable sewing needle (or a pin) and a fine tweezers, the kind that women use for aesthetic purposes.

  • First clean the lock, you can throw it away or spray with compressed air, so that dirty or small metal particles left in it can come out and prevent them from passing the broken key.
  • If the key has already been broken at the very beginning of the lock, prepare the needle, pin, or other and insert it into the lock, helping you to pull the key up or out.
  • When you have just removed a small notch from the key, it is time to put the needle or pin and take the pliers.
  • With forceps, carefully grasp the protruding part of broken key, and now yes, take out the key.

Another possible case is that the key was broken deep into the motorcycle lock, so you have to put in a little more effort to get it out.

locking device

In this case, you should insert the needle as far as you can and repeat the pushing process until you manage to remove the key a little, after extracting it with tweezers you just have to finish taking it out.

Remove the broken key from the motorcycle lock with the fixing wire

One of the best ways to remove a broken key from the motorcycle lock it is with a wire, preferably a wire with a clamp, because it is thinner than a common one and allows its insertion into the keyhole without too many problems.

how to repair a lock

There are two infallible techniques on how to remove a broken key with clips that we will show you below.

For both techniques we will use thin metal clips, not covered with colored plastic, please, in addition to tweezers or pliers to straighten the clips.

Now, with the tools ready, we go with the first technique.

remove the keyless lock cylinder

Method 1 to remove the broken key from locking the motorcycle with clamps

  • Stretch a paper clip to get a fine thread.
  • To shape it, help yourself with the pliers so that you can handle it in a better way.
  • When you get the straight thread, at one end at about 3 millimeters from the end, make a bend of about 45 degrees, it should be like a flat thread with the tip slightly bent.
  • With our main tools ready, we will introduce it very carefully.
  • The wire will have to pass over or under the broken key piece, so be patient to push the wire.
  • Once the wire is fully inserted, you should slowly remove it, trying to get the key broken with it.
motorcycle key

It will only be a matter of repeating the process before you can remove the broken key from the motorcycle lock.

Method 2 to remove the broken key from the motorcycle lock with clips

The second method for remove the broken key from the motorcycle lock, in this case we will use two clips instead of one, you will see what we will do with them.

  • Take two clamps and stretch them with pliers.
  • At the end of each wire, make a small bend of about 45 degrees or less, the idea is to notice a slight inclination at about 3 mm from the tip.
  • Insert the other side of the key into the lock.
  • Now, using the key as a guide, insert a wire above and one below guiding your key from the side.
  • You need to make sure the wires go up to the deepest of the lock and step on the broken key.
  • Remove the top wrench, yes, the one you used as a guide to insert the wires.
  • Take the threads as if they were sticks, you can hold the threads with pliers as well.
  • Be sure to press both wires on the broken key and start pushing or pulling the wires out.
motorcycle with torque wrench

If the key starts to come out, try to remove it all, if you can’t with the wires, use the pliers and take the broken key piece.

Remove the broken key from a motorcycle lock with a magnet

The keys, in most cases, are receptive to magnets, and if you place a magnet next to a keychain, it will all stick to it and this is one of the techniques you can use to remove a broken key of a motorcycle lock.

Although we recommend that you use a strong magnet, such as the magnets found on your computer’s hard drives.

You know them?

They are called, known neodymium magnets, so if you have one of these, the chances of removing the broken key from the motorcycle lock increase.

motorcycle ignition key

For this technique you only need to do one thing, place the magnet in the keyhole and if the key is loose, it should come out because it is attracted to the magnet.

If not, you can grease with a little oil and put the magnet back in the lock and try to remove it.