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How to register the screen in Windows 10

How to register the screen in Windows 10

Record the Windows 10 screen It is one of the features that the latest version of the operating system allows its users. Although in the beginning it was necessary to use third-party applications in order to register on the screen, now it is possible to do so without downloading any program. Windows 10 already incorporates an option that will allow you to record the screen directly. Below you will see all the information.

How to use Game DVR to record the screen in Windows 10?

Windows 10 incorporates the option to record the screen thanks to the Game DVR program. It was originally thought that this program connects it to Xbox games and thus can record games. It is now also used to record the screen and all those tasks that you perform on the Windows desktop.

In order to activate the program effectively, you must press the combination of Windows key + G. At this point a series of buttons will appear with the following options:

  • The Xbox button used to open the Xbox application in Windows 10
  • The option to take screenshots
  • Make game clips
  • Start recording a video and pause it whenever you want
  • Configuration options
  • Microphone
  • A button to be able to move the bar so as not to disturb the wallpaper

For start recording the Windows 10 screenAll you have to do is open the bar and start by clicking the center dot button. When you start recording, a small sidebar will appear where you can see the recording time. In addition, there is a button to open the microphone and another button to stop recording.

Although Game DVR is intended for game registration, you can also use it to record your screen. Once you have finished registering, the application will open and you can edit it and give it a name.

Game DVR It has become an interesting option if you do not need many functions and you just need to make a simple video. In addition, you will not have to resort to third-party programs and you can activate it in just a few seconds.

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Microsoft recently released data assuring that there are no more or less than 1,500 million computer users worldwide based on some of the latest versions of the operating system.

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