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How to reduce WhatsApp storage on iPhone and Android

How to reduce WhatsApp storage on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp groups can be full of memes and videos. All those media take up valuable storage space on your iPhone or Android phone. Here’s how you can reduce WhatsApp storage without deleting the app.

WhatsApp has a built-in storage management tool for both Android and iPhone. With the tool, you can quickly see which conversation takes up the most storage space, then you can insert and delete different types of media individually. For example, you can only delete videos from a group chat.

Reduce WhatsApp storage on Android

You will find the storage management tool in the configuration section. Open the WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone and tap the three-point menu button.

Here, tap the «Settings» option.

Now choose the «Data storage and usage» list.

Here you will see a «Use storage» section. It will tell you how much storage space WhatsApp uses on your Android smartphone.

After touching the «Use storage» section, you will see a list of all the conversations on WhatsApp, sorted by the amount of storage space they occupy. Tap a conversation at the top of the list.

You will now see how many text, image, video and GIF messages are associated with the conversation. Touch the «Free space» button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Now tap the checkmark next to the type of media you want to remove. Then tap the «Delete items» button.

From the pop-up window, tap the «Delete messages» option.

Messages and media content will be removed from the WhatsApp storage and you will recover the storage.

Reduce WhatsApp storage on iPhone

The process of reducing WhatsApp storage on iPhone is slightly different.

On the iPhone, open the WhatsApp application and go to the «Settings» tab. Here, tap the «Use and store data» option.

Now scroll down and tap the «Use storage» option.

You will now see a list of all WhatsApp conversations, sorted by size. Tap a conversation to see details about using storage space. At the bottom of the screen, tap the «Manage» button.

Now select the types of media you want to remove.

From there, tap the «Delete» button.

Tap the «Delete» button in the pop-up message again to confirm.

Now, the relevant data will be removed from the WhatsApp storage and you will recover the storage. You can go to Settings> General> iPhone storage to check storage available on the iPhone.

If you use WhatsApp as your primary messaging service, you should know that you can disable it auto save function for input media. Once you’ve removed unnecessary conversations, we recommend disabling the automatic save and download settings. This way, you will avoid repeatedly deleting WhatsApp conversations.