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How to recover deleted videos from your mobile phone


That If we delete a video from our mobile phone, we never like it. It can be the memory of a vacation, of a special moment that we live with a friend or family member or any type of recording of an event we attended, which was a unique experience in life.

Whatever the video, no one is happy to lose files that they would like to be able to see again. That’s why if videos are deleted from our mobile phones, we have do your best to recover them. We explain several ways to do this!

The 4 solutions for recovering deleted videos from your mobile phone

In our experience, they are four best options which currently exists to recover a deleted video by mistake:

1. Pick them up in the trash

Not all cell phones have one trash for files, but there are some brands that offer it among their most appreciated features by users.

This is the case for entities such as Apple or Huawei, whose photo and video services have a section that includes the most recent deletions I made.

Therefore, in these cases the only thing to do is access the deleted file folders to find those videos I accidentally deleted.

deleted iphone photos

Another option is service Android Google Photos, which also has its own trash where the multimedia files we delete will go. As you can imagine, using recycling bins should always be your first choice.

2. Your own trash can with Dumpster

Continuing with the same topic we were talking about, suppose we don’t have a recycling bin on our cell phone, but we want to have one. The way to get it is by installing the application Dumpster, which gives us a trash can on the phone, where all the files we delete will go, not just the videos.

The only downside is that the app starts working, of course. from the moment we install it. Therefore, if you have already accidentally deleted a video, it will not be an application that will help you, at least not this time.

Android dump truck

But for the possible similar situations in the future It is by far one of the best options we can trust.

3. Video Recovery, specialist in this paper

There are few applications that are more specialized in this function than video recovery, as you can deduce from its name. Take one high efficiency and success rate, but works best for recovering videos that were deleted not long ago.

Once we have installed it, all we have to do is choose the «Recovery Method 1» option from the main menu and the application will start recovering all videos which is still in the temporary memory of the mobile phone on the way to their final disappearance.

Android video recovery

Recovered videos can be found in the «All recovered videos«In the phone’s memory.

It should be added that it not only works with deleted videos that were in the internal memory, but also also accepts external cards.

The downside is that videos are not always recovered in quality visual appearance of the original file, due to some technical issues, the best resolutions or display formats may not have been retained.

4. Disk Video Recovery Pro, high quality

In the same sense as Video Recovery is Disk Video Recovery Pro, which, by resembling the name, you can already imagine this these are very similar applications.

But that’s what we’re talking about it now has several functions, a more refined recovery system and additional options that benefit especially those who prefer to take advantage of a deeper experience.

For example, something that allows you to choose this application is search time which will be dedicated to trying to recover videos.

Since when is it ask for an excellent job on the phone, some users will prefer not to spend a lot of time working, which can greatly reduce the margin of success, while others will not mind spending as much time as possible to try to recover all the videos that have been deleted.

Disk Video Recovery Pro Android

This application also allows customize deleted video search aspects, such as the format and resolution in which it was. If we know this data, we can save time and help the program get to the deleted video we are looking for more easily.

In addition, the operation is simple, because you just have to choose the type of search, choose the folders in which the system will be scanned and wait.