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How to recover deleted photos on iPhone


If the photos are deleted on the iPhone, surely the first thing we think about is how we can recover them. Fortunately for us, it’s been a long time Gone are the days when what was deleted from your mobile phone disappeared forever.

At the moment there are various solutions we can refer to to recover photos which were removed from us, whether it was due to an error, voluntarily or due to a problem with the terminal.

Recover a photo that has just been deleted

This is the simplest situation. The photo has just been deleted, so we have a period of time that iOS gives us, so we can recover it if we want to do it. It’s 30 days in which we can act to return the photo to our gallery as if nothing had happened.

  1. All you have to do is upload the Photos app, enter Albums and then in the file «Removed”. There we will find all the photos and videos we have deleted in the last 30 days.
  2. By selecting those files we want to recover and clicking on «Get it back«It simply came to our notice then.

photo was deleted only iphone

We always have that 30 day period to delete the photos from the deleted folder, so we don’t have to do it right away. It would not be the first time someone «hides» a photo in the deleted folder to recover it when there is no risk days later.

Restore a backup in iTunes

So more than 30 days have passed photos that should be in the Deleted folder are no longer there. OR It may not be 30 days, but at the time I made the wrong decision to delete the photo from the deleted files folder, so the deletion was final.

This means that more drastic measures must be taken to recover the old photograph. And that leads us to that iTunes.

  1. We connect the iPhone to our computer via cable USB and we are loading the iTunes program, which will immediately recognize the cellular device.
  2. To start working with it, select it in the menu on the left and already inside we choose the action «Restore the backup”.
  3. Then it will appear, if available, a list of different backups which I stored. We will have to choose only one that is prior to the date we delete the photo we want to recover.

restore backup iTunes

But be very careful, because in doing so, what will happen is that we will «come back» to the status of our phone. Thus, we will recover the old version of the device and everything we did between that day and the time we do the restoration will be lost.

You have to be careful with her too store items you don’t want to disappear, since probably recovering a photo we will end up losing a lot more.

Restore an iCloud backup

The process is pretty much the same, but instead of using iTunes support, what we do is use iCloud. The technology is different, but the same result.

  1. This process will begin by inserting the phone at settings, going to section general and then selecting «Restore”. This is a good way to resort to memory restoration if we don’t have a computer where we can do backup recovery.
  2. After accessing Reset, exactly in «Delete content and settings» the mobile phone will delete the data you have and will continue the process of configuring the terminal by restoring the backup stored in iCloud.

Restore with iCloud Backup

Recover deleted photos from iPhone with other applications

There are several applications that we can download and that give us the opportunity use it to recover deleted files in a more selective way.

After all, there are people who don’t like the idea of ​​having to recover from an old backup when it is possible to delete only the desired files of a backup.

PhoneRescue application

For this you can use applications such as PhoneRescue and many others, with whom he ensures that current and old terminal data I can share memory without any problems. This way we will soon recover the photos we deleted from the iPhone.