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How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos


service Google Photos It is one of the fundamental elements used by all lovers of photography and video recording.

Using your mobile phone camera has become one of the most popular activities and services, such as Google Photos, are perfect when it comes to manage photos and videos which we carry out.

But and if we delete a photo we want to recover? What happens if we lose a very valuable image that we think we don’t have the option to have in memory again?

Recover photos with the Google Photos Recycle Bin

The Google team is very thoughtful and knows that there can be many reasons let’s make the decision to delete a photo.

Maybe we got annoyed with a friend and decided to delete all the photos we shared with him, or we might break up with our partner in a fit of rage. let’s delete our entire gallery from the time we spend with her.

But our lives can change and it is possible that. We finally make the decision to retire of those possibly temporary feelings we came to have. And what happens in such situations? A priori we fear that you may have lost all those photos.

Recover your Google Photos with your trash

But as I said, Google is farsighted And that’s why he introduced a recycling bin in his photo service in which the files we delete will be spent no more and no less than 60 days.

Two months nothing more and nothing less, a period of time more than sufficient so that we can be sure if the fight we had with a friend will be final or if there are no prospects of reconciliation with our former partner. In any case, it’s longer than companies like Apple offer, so it’s not bad at all.

For retrieve photos from trash what we need to do is:

  1. Go to Google Photos, click in the area to the left of the menu with the three horizontal gray lines, and select «Paper basket”. With this we will open the preview of all the photos or videos that we deleted during the last 60 days.
  2. To continue with the recovery you will only need mark the files we want to have in the terminal again and click «Get it back”. This will make the photos magically return to our gallery, as if they had never been deleted.

What if the photos are not in the Trash? It may be because I didn’t back them up with the backup synchronized with Google Photos or maybe the reason is that I deleted them from the trash. The latter is like a permanent deletion and does not have to return.

Recover deleted photos with other applications

From Google Play we can find some applications designed for «diving» through the memory of the deleted files and find those photos that I deleted. Usually they are recovered with the original resolution, but there may be cases where this is not the case and we download the file with a lower quality than it had in principle.

some applications that we can use These include proposals such as DiskDigger or GT File Recovery, with which we will have the ability to define the format of the photo we are looking for, the resolution or even the format.

Thus, if we know that the photos we are looking for had a specific resolution and formed a JPG, for example, the recovery process will be faster and we’ll finish faster.

DiskDigger application

Recover deleted photos with Google Help

One of the most positive aspects of running as a Google company is its effective customer support and user service. Company he is always at the foot of the canyon to answer questions and helps in any way possible.

In this sense, and although we may never have thought of having Google for something like recovering deleted photos, the reality is that it is an option that we should not rule out. After all, if we are desperate and have tried everything, it is possible Google is not such a bad idea. By doing so, we may be able to recover deleted photos, at least if we are lucky.

What we need to do in this case is contact the working team on Google Drive support. Sometimes there are photos that disappear from our online profile and we need the support of the company to recover them.

The process consists of go to the help section of Google Drive, click Deleted Files and send a message to support using the form or start a chat with them.