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How to recover deleted files from an Android mobile phone


Even if you lose the files I deleted due to confusion It’s a problem, with Android mobile phones we have the advantage that we can use a large number of tools that will help us.

With them we can recover any deleted item without going through complicated processes or having to root the device. Want to know more? Keep reading!

The 5 solutions for recovering deleted files on Android

There are a multitude of applications and methods to try to recover a deleted file on our Android mobile, but below We show you the most effective:

1. Dr. Fone

It is easy to conclude that this application is one of the pillars of the recovery sector. It has been designed and refined over the years.

Its main disadvantage is that it is not totally freeInstead, part of the service is provided for free, and if we want to move on, we need to purchase the full service. But now only with the free part it surpasses many of the specialized applications designed for the same purpose.

The reason for this is that with the free service we can recover videos and photos, allowing us to do it in different types of format. What we can get by paying is to look for items deleted from messages and contacts, as well as the ability to access a system of use faster and more thoroughly.

But as I indicated, without paying, we will also enjoy excellent service and the app is available on Google Play, which means for convenience.

Dr. Fone's application

2. Recuva, in connection with a computer

This program must install on a computer, which can be both Mac and PC, then connect your mobile phone to it to create the connectivity that will allow us to find deleted files.

The user interface is not as user-friendly as the usual phone applications, but as an important advantage it must be said that within its apparent limits is an effective software with which we will be able to recover those lost files.

When we use it, we will have to choose the scan path and file type you are looking for, indicating for example if we want to see deleted photos or videos, among other options.

recover files with recuva

3. Recycle bins like RecycleMaster

Some Android handset manufacturers introduce recycling bins in their devices that serve as support systems for users who delete files frequently by mistake. It doesn’t happen with all brands, so it’s best not to trust yourself, thinking we have one of these systems.

What we can do if our manufacturer does not have a recycling bin on the phone is download any of the available applications for this purpose on Android.

RecycleMaster is one of these applications, which also has it multitude of filtering options and even allows you to schedule deletion This will be done periodically so that the trash can can be updated and always have space.

Android RecycleMaster

4. Photo recovery

Many of the apps that can be found on Google Play Related to recovering deleted files works in a complete or specialized way with photos. This is quite common and shows the great relevance of multimedia files for users in today’s society.

For this reason, these applications offer the option to recover photos that we accidentally delete or regret deleting. They are free and usually have very simple operations in which you only need to define the file type to look for, the resolution or the format in some cases.

Some of the recommendations in this category include applications Recover GT or DiskDigger files.

DiskDigger application

5. Other recovery applications

Unlike the previous recommendations, in this case we are talking about applications that offer a more global service and that it doesn’t just focus on one type of format, such as photos.

Although they also allow the recovery of photos, as is obvious, what they do is go further and give us the tools we need to find many other types of files I deleted.

It includes, in addition to images, documents, music or videos, just to mention some of its possibilities in recovery processes. Of course sometimes can lead to quality loss in the documents to be recovered.