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How to recover an AliExpress account

restablecer una cuenta de aliexpress

«I can’t log in to my AliExpress account«Well»How to reactivate my AliExpress account«These are some of the doubts or questions that have been reported the most by people who have an account in this online store and for these reasons, we have prepared the following article at RecursosPrá how to recover an account on AliExpress which will allow, all those interested Restoring an account on AliExpress without problems and so, they can reintroduce their account in AliExpress and they don’t have for that, that create another account on AliExpress For this purpose. Follow the instructions.

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How to recover an AliExpress account STEP 1: Enter AliExpress [PC y móvil]

The first step is to access the AliExpress homepage from a computer or mobile phone, and nothing is easier than doing it on Google by name. «aliexpress«And click on the correct result or they will be able to load its URL:»«In the address bar of the browser I’m using and ready.

enter aliexpress

How to recover an AliExpress account STEP 2: Go to login [PC y móvil]

Once they have accessed the AliExpress homepage, they need to go to the section to log in correctly and to do so, they will click on the button that says: «Login«What you’ll find on the right side of the screen if you’re using a computer.

enter my aliexpress account

In the meantime, those who use a mobile phone should click on the option that says: «My account«It appears in the options on the bottom right and in the new section that appears, you will need to click on the text that says:»Login / RegistrationWhich is above.

log in to my aliexpress account

With the previous click and on the one hand, a central window will appear on the screen that will allow them connect to AliExpress to those who use a PC and, on the other hand, a new page will be loaded that allows them to do the same, to those who use a mobile device.

How to recover an AliExpress account STEP 3: Reset your AliExpress account

Now it’s time to recover your AliExpress account, and to do that, you need to tap or click the question that says: Have you forgotten the password? which you will find under the button that says: LOGIN

how to recover an aliexpress account

Then, a new AliExpress page will load, asking you to do the following.

how to recover an aliexpress account

Email or user ID: in this box, they will enter their email address with which they registered in AliExpress or, if they prefer, they will be able to enter the user ID they created for their AliExpress account.

Validation: here, I ask you to drag the small square that has these signs: >> to the right to check the procedure and that I am not a robot. By the way, even after moving the square, a box will appear asking them to enter the letters that are displayed next to this box and after doing so, they will click on a button that says:send”.

Once you’ve done the above correctly, you can click the button that says, «Keep going«

recover password on aliexpress

How to recover an AliExpress account STEP 4: Identity verification

Once the previous step has been completed, an AliExpress page will be loaded that serves to verify the identity and to complete it, you must click on one of the buttons that says: «Check now«From one of the options they will choose and which are the following:»Email verification«Or»Service contact«(He’s in the kitchen).

how to restore my aliexpress account

Note no: It is possible to emphasize here that the first option is the one recommended to choose to recover an account in AliExpress and if they tried it or their problem is bigger, I can choose the second option.

Continuing with the guide, they will open a new tab of their browser and in this tab, they should go to the e-mail with which they registered in AliExpress, open the message sent by them and after that, they will copy the code (Ctrl + c) to appear in the message.

restore aliexpress account

They will return to the browser tab where they have the AliExpress page and in it they must paste the code in the box called: «verification code«And then they’ll click on the button that says,»Confirm«

how to reset an aliexpress account

Note no. 2: Sometimes the AliExpress message may not pass through your email filters and therefore may not be in your inbox. In these cases, the message usually appears in the spam or unwanted folder, please check it.

How to recover an AliExpress account STEP 5: Reset the password

If they have successfully completed the previous step, they will go to the AliExpress password reset step and to do this, they will be asked to do the following on the new page displayed.

how to recover an aliexpress account

New password: In this box, you will enter a new password for your AliExpress account. By the way, it is recommended that this password be difficult for third parties to discover, as well as easy to remember to avoid recovering your AliExpress account again in the future.

Confirm the new password: in this other box, they will write exactly the same password they entered in the previous box.

After doing the above, they will press or click the button that says, «Keep going”.

Perfect, they did very well. A new AliExpress page will load where it informs them that they have reset their AliExpress account and now – right now – they will be able to log into AliExpress and log in with their new password they just created in this purpose.

how to recover an aliexpress account