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How to recover a Lovoo account

restablecer cuenta de lovoo

The other day, I wanted to log in to my Lovoo account but for some mysterious reason I couldn’t enter … So I was left with no choice but to start the procedure reset my Lovoo password And this is exactly what I want to share in this article called: How to recover a Lovoo account so that all those users who go through this mess can reset your Lovoo account without any problems or issues and use this social network that allows you to meet new people and make friends, but also, most importantly, that allows you to flirt and find a partner.

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How to recover a Lovoo account | STEP 1: Connect to Lovoo · [web]

The first action or step is to enter Lovoo in its web version, and for this purpose you just have to search for it in Google by its name:Lovoo”, Load the results (Enter or Search) and press or click the correct result.

enter lovoo

How to recover a Lovoo account | STEP 2: Go to login

In this way, they will reach the first page of Lovoo and here, they will simply go to the login data in its web version by pressing or clicking on the button that says: «Login”.

enter lovoo

How to recover a Lovoo account | STEP 3: Start resetting your Lovoo account

Once you have done this, a central window will appear allowing you to log in to Lovoo with your email and password, as well as log in to Lovoo with Facebook to the people who connected your account on this network. social.

enter lovoo

On the one hand, those who created a Lovoo account with email and password have the option to reset their account here by clicking or clicking on the question that says: Have you forgotten the password?

how to recover a lovoo account

On the other hand, those who have created a Lovoo account related to Facebook will press or click the blue button that says: Log in with Facebook now

enter lovoo with facebook

How to recover a Lovoo account | STEP 4: Reset your Lovoo account [correo – Facebook]

After pressing or clicking Have you forgotten the password?, a new central window will open asking them to enter the email they connected to their Lovoo account in that box and after doing so, they will press or click the button «send”.

how to recover a lovoo account

In the meantime, those who clicked or clicked Connect to Facebook will now open a page that allows them to connect to Facebook. Well, before we continue, two things are recommended here:

recover lovoo account related to facebook

Try logging in with your email address or phone number and password for your Facebook account.

If they are still unable to access, it is recommended that they access their Facebook account directly and if they can, it means that they are not logged in to their Facebook account and if they have access issues, they will have no choice but to press or click: Forgot your account details? And follow the steps indicated.

Once they have the new Facebook password and can access their account without problems, they can connect to Lovoo and connect with the updated details of the Facebook account and voila.

How to recover a Lovoo account | STEP # 5: Access the email

Now, those who clicked on «send«In the previous step, a small green window will appear indicating that they have sent an e-mail to reset the password they should review.

how to recover a lovoo account

Then they will go to your e-mail, open the message from Lovoo that should be in the e-mail box and then press p and click on the button that says: Set a new password.

how to recover a lovoo account

Note no: Sometimes it is possible that a message from Lovoo does not pass the filters of an e-mail service and is deposited directly in the spam or spam folder, so it does not appear in the e-mail box. If this is your case, check this spam folder that is likely to be found here.

How to recover a Lovoo account | STEP # 6: Change the Lovoo password

With the above action, they will be directed to a Lovoo page where they will be asked to enter a new password in the first box and after that, they will repeat the same password in the second box and finally click on the button that says : «Save the password”.

how to recover a lovoo account

Perfect, they did very well. This Lovoo page will reload and inform you that your new password has been saved successfully.

how to recover a lovoo account

Now they can log in to Lovoo and log in with the updated account details and voila, that was it.

enter lovoo

Recover password and access Lovoo | Lovoo support Lovoo support

Finally, when nothing else works, they will be able to contact Lovoo Technical Support from here and they will fill out the form that appears and what it is.lovoo technical support

Choose a category: Clicking here will open a menu and select the option that says: Login

Your Lovoo registered email address: In this box, you’ll enter the email address associated with your Lovoo account.

Business: In this box, enter an exact title for the issue.

Description: in this other box, they will introduce in a coherent and concise way the connection problem they have.

Attachments: here, you can attach a screen printing or anything you consider appropriate to graphically support the problem you are accessing in Lovoo.

Once they have prepared this form, they will click on the button that says: «send«And in this way, the problem will reach the Lovoo Technical Service, they will review it and give a solution, they will definitely send you a message in a reasonable period of time.