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How to record the screen with OBS Studio on a computer Without delay and in a simple way Before you know how to record the screen with OBS, it is necessary …

How to record the screen with OBS Studio on a computer  Without delay and in a simple way Before you know how to record the screen with OBS, it is necessary ...

Before you know how OBS recording screen, you need to indicate some features of this streaming video program, these are as follows:

  • It is an open source language compatible with Windows, Linux OS or MacOS
  • You can record videos or stream live
  • It is written in C ++

How to download and install OBS Studio on Windows?

For download OBS for Windows We need to go to the main page to get the latest version of this software.

Once you have entered the official page, I must indicate that the program is free.

  • Choose your operating system if you have Windows, Linux OS or MacOS
  • Do not forget to accept the conditions (License) and continue installing the program
  • Find the folder where you want to download the program

What are the main options for OBS Studio?

edit OBs Studio sources and scenes

  • Configuration Assistant: This will help you adapt your processes to your equipment, operating system, video or graphics card, audio, and webcam.
  • In the toolbar above you will have the folders for save conversions of files and formats among other elements.
  • Edit: you’ll get layers, copy, paste, previews, filters, and more.
  • Mixer to determine the sound and its levels.
  • Scenes and sources between sources have different recording options.
  • Put background music in a live stream or YouTube.

OBS allows us add or place webcam, frames, text, overlays, and widgets very easy and with a wide enough catalog to be able to make unique transmissions.


The scene is a section of the video that contains various sources, and the following procedure is performed to add it:

  • The scene is a box at the bottom.
  • To create a new scene you will find the + symbol
  • By pressing + you have to place the name in the box open to the scene, in this case keep in mind the sequence.
  • Once opened, start the font process.


There are the elements that will serve to create the sceneIn other words, the scene is made up of various sources and they are tasked with giving a personalized note to our video.

Like the scene, it has + but also a gear as a configuration symbol and the following elements appear:

Font types in OBS

There are several elements among which we have:

  • Browser Source: This is a plugin to add widgets that you will ask, what is a widget? There are icons that usually appear in very few videos, but in general usually provides quality with greater interactivity and there are many icons among which we have: Alerts, donations, followers, subscription and many other elements.
  • Audio input capture: the microphone is usually defined, but if you want to get a better result, the ideal is to configure it exactly to what you have.
  • Screenshot: In this case, if you want the screenshot to be on the monitor.
  • Webcam capture: You can record via webcam.
  • Image galleries: can be created to use the items you have selected.

It is necessary to indicate that once we make the source it will display all the elements that we have added. Such that no need to add more fonts for each scene exclusively for a single scene, instead, it becomes a range of selections.


Transitions are the interfaces between scenes, are those effects that occur between scene cuts, which could be an effect of curtain, sliding, discoloration, so as to indicate harmoniously go from scene to scene. You can find an OBS panel dedicated to transitions.


E o audio controller which is configured by the way in which the mentioned input will be made, for the video it can be internal (with the equipment) or external (through the microphone and its model).

Steps to register your computer screen

  • You must have already added a scene.
  • Add in the source and get started.
  • Press Exit
  • Go to Settings.
  • Indicates the recording path.
  • Browse and select the folder.
  • Set the recording quality.
  • Find the format you want to record in.
  • And he «accepts» what has been done before.

You have to keep in mind that there are two ways to register on the computer:

  • Full screen where you can see all the details of the screen.
  • The other is the selection of programs and even sound.

What should you do if the on-screen recording remains?

person broadcasting with OBS

If you find that there is a delay in the sound of the video or simply, is not synchronized It means we have a problem that you can solve as follows:

  • Decreasing the bit rate This issue generally concerns quality assistance and is done as follows:
    • Go to Settings
    • Choose Advanced Settings
    • Locate the bit tab
    • Start the process of lowering the bit rate, preventing the frames from being in the middle
  • Change the OBS resolution Depending on your computer’s resolution, if you make HD recordings, you may need to adjust the resolution to your computer and do the following.
    • In 1080p: the maximum bit rate is 500,000, the resolution is 1920×1080 and the FPS is between 30 and 60.
    • In 720p: the rate is 800,000 and the resolution is 1280 x 720, in which the FPS is between 30 and 60.

How to take screenshots with this program?

It is normal for the black screen to appear when you take a screenshot and there is a method that we need to follow to take the screenshot, you need to do the following:

  • They created a scene.
  • Create a font.
  • Locate Exit
  • Go to Settings.
  • You must indicate the recording path.
  • Set the recording quality and format.
  • Accept.