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How to record a call?


record calls with your mobile phone

Need to record a call and don’t know how to do it? There are many possible reasons to want to do this: For example, when you call your operator to hire a service or change an aspect of the contract and you want proof of this call.

It is common for them to try to deceive us and there are surprises in the bills, so if we have a recording of the conversation, we are certainly more confident when it comes to claims. But how can we actually record a call?

How to record calls on Android

Record calls with the Google operating system it’s easier than with the iPhone, at least in the classic versions of the platform. Furniture, not all, because it depends on the manufacturer, have the option «call recording» in the menu from which we call.

If our phone has this option locked or has already been blocked by a recent Android update, what we need to do is resort to applications.

record the call with Android

What is the best app to record a phone conversation with your Android mobile phone?

There are many applications to record calls with Android, whether you have a Samsung, Huawei or any other model. We propose to you these 2, which are the best:

1. ACR

The first recommendation is ACR, an application that once activated, it will record all the calls we make and receive on our Android device. It has a solid interface with which to access the recordings of all calls, from where it is possible to mark as favorites the ones we are most interested in.

In principle, we can believe that this interests us only as a way to do a test in front of an operator, as I said earlier, but you can imagine how nice it can be to record calls with loved ones? Lovers who are in the first weeks of dating will be happy to record their calls, so that there is a recording of those first conversations in which they could spend hours chatting.

The application has many customization options for us to activate and deactivate whenever we want or to store the records in different folders for our convenience.

ACR application

2. Call Recorder

One of the great features of Call Recorder when we compare the instrument with other applications available in the Google Play application bazaar, is that allows us to dial certain phone numbers.

I mean, we can say the application that records all the calls we make to a certain number, as well as our partner. From then on, the app will store those conversations so that we have a record as a history and collection of everything we’ve talked to that person.

This application it’s easierbut it does its job superbly and has nothing to envy about the performance offered by ACR.

Android users, in any case, have several applications available on Google Play which can serve the same purpose and this increases as the months go by.

Another option we can use is RMC Android Call Recorder, which focuses on the same type of function and offers a very good service. After all, what interests us is to record calls and that we can have that proof or record of what has been said for one reason or another, so any application that gives us this feature will be welcome.

Android call recorder

How to record calls on iPhone

You can see the first method we propose in this video. You just have to make sure get in touch with yourself First. It’s so easy:

  1. call who you want to call
  2. When accepting the call, click «add call«
  3. You are looking for for you
  4. Voicemail will be activated and click «safety«
  5. From now on, the conversation will be recorded and stored in voicemail

It should be said that officially Apple does not have a call recording feature on their phones because he considers it illegal and in bad taste. That’s why you have to do this «trick».

However, you can also use picaresque. It consists of use a second mobile phone as a voice recorder while we have our hands free on the iPhone. This allows us to record the conversation without any problems.

If we want to do it in a more elaborate way, we have to opt for Applications:

  • The most popular application is IntCall, which is used to make VOIP calls from the application itself. It allows us to make recordings, but it’s not as efficient and solid as it sounds and it’s not free, because we’ll have to pay for calls. For an extreme case it can be a good option.
  • The same can be said about Burovoz, an application that can legally certify registered calls, but also requires us to make payments for service.

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