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How to quickly open a settings page using shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

How to quickly open a settings page using shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

It’s always been boring to open a specific settings page on iPhone and iPad. It doesn’t help that the search function isn’t particularly fast. Here’s how to quickly open a settings page using iPhone and iPad shortcuts.

MacStories compiled a list of over 120 hidden URLs that correspond to a specific page in the Settings application. You can use the Open URL action in the Shortcuts application to quickly open a settings page.

After you create a shortcut, add it to the Home screen, and then tap it to open the Settings page. This way, for example, you can open the Screen Time section directly without worrying about the Settings app.

For the uninitiated, Shortcuts is Apple’s own automation application for iPhone and iPad that comes built into devices with iOS 13 Yes iPadOS 13 (and bigger). You can use it to create simple or complex automations that can be activated using shortcuts on the Home screen or Siri.

In this example, we’ll create a home screen shortcut to launch the Screen Time Settings page. You can use this process to create a shortcut for any page in Settings.

First, open the file list of configuration URLs on iPhone or iPad. Browse the list and when you find the «Screen time» section, copy the URL.

Now open the Shortcuts app and go to the «My Shortcuts» tab. Here, tap the «Create a shortcut» button at the bottom of the list.

Tap the Create Shortcut button in my shortcuts

Tap the «Add action» button.

Touch the Add Action button

From here, find the «URL» action and then select it.

In the URL action, tap the text box and paste the copied URL. Then tap the Plus (+) button.

Paste the URL and then tap the More button

In the action list, find and add the «Open URL» action.

The shortcut is now ready. Touch «Next».

Touch the Next button

Here, give the shortcut a name. Select the icon next to the name to customize it.

Here you can select a glyph and change the background color of the icon.

Choose the «Done» button from the icon menu after you have finished customizing the appearance of the shortcut.

Touch the Done button on the icon customization screen

The shortcut is now active. Let’s add it to the home screen.

On the shortcut details page, tap the three-point menu button in the upper right corner.

Touch the Menu button on the shortcut edit screen

Here, tap the «Add to home screen» button.

Touch Add to the home screen

The Shortcuts app will show you a small preview. Once you’re happy with this, tap the «Add» button.

Touch the Add shortcut button

You will now find the shortcut added on the home screen of your device. Select it to instantly open the specific settings page on your iPhone or iPad. Repeat the process for all frequently used configuration pages.

Touch the shortcut to launch the settings page

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