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How to put fractions in Word

How to put fractions in Word

Put fractions in Word It is a function that the program allows, but about which very few users know. In general, the program tends to express fractions by placing the expression horizontally, but there is a way to make fractions in a vertical format. This can be useful for mathematical representations or for any other type of information.

Let’s see what is the right way to do it in Word.

Step by step to represent fractions in Word

fractions are widely used in mathematics. It is the graphical representation in which the upper number (numerator) expresses a part of an integer unit, which is represented in the lower part of the fraction (denominator). To perform this representation of Fractions in portrait format in Word You must follow the steps below:

  • Open a document and go to the Insert part at the top of the page and open the drop-down menu to find symbols> equation
  • Then you need to click on the «Insert a new equation» option.
  • Write the values ​​you are going to give to each part of the fraction. On the one hand, the numerator and, on the other hand, the denominator.
  • Pressing «Enter» will place the fraction vertically

There is the option to put the fractions in horizontal format. To do this you just need to place the first number and the second number separate from the diagonal bar (Ex. 4/7)

As you will see, Word is an increasingly complete program that allows you to make all kinds of numerical representations. It also allows the insertion of several types of symbols, such as copyright symbol or the euro symbol.

Did you know …

The origin of fractions or bankruptcies is very distant. They were already known to the Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks. But we owe the name of the faction to Juan de Luna, who translated the arithmetic book of «Al-Juarizmi» into Latin in the twelfth century.

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