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How to put a Gif as wallpaper in Firefox

poner video en Firefox.

A few days ago, a reader saw the tutorial in which we explained how to customize the Chrome browser by adding a background Gif and asked us if it is possible in Firefox. Well, let me tell you that it is possible and to show you we will explain the steps you need to follow. put a Gif as wallpaper in Firefox easily and quickly.

How to set a GIF as background in Mozilla Firefox Step by Step 2021

The first step would be to get a Gif. For this, the best option is, without a doubt Giphy, A animated image bank free in this format, which we can access from this link:

However, you can also use Google images and download them manually. So, you should follow these steps:

  1. I was at Google search engine and we do a search for Gif which we want to find.
  2. We select «Tools».
  3. We access the tab «Images».
  4. We filter images in GIF format.
  5. Right-click on the image you want to save.
  6. In the context menu we offer «Save image as…».

put gifs in Firefox.

IMPORTANT: This step is crucial for put a Gif in Firefox:

  1. When we save the moving image, we must change «Gif» extension to «PNG», otherwise we will not be able to set animated gifs as background in Mozilla Firefox since then the browser will not recognize this file.
  2. Finally, we save our file.

put a gif like PNG.

Download FVD Speed ​​Dial for FireFox 2021

The next step will be install the FVD Speed ​​Dial extension which is an addon that allows us to customize the Firefox browser. To install it, you can do it directly from the Firefox extension store via the following link.

Once we are on its official website, we just have to offer «Add to Firefox».

install fvd speed dial Firefox.

We will need to accept the extension permissions.

fvd firefox.

How to put a GIF as wallpaper of FireFox easily and quickly 2021

The next thing we will see is that we will have to choose between 2 themes:

We will continue to offer you to use the second option by default.

firefox wallpaper.

Once FVD speed dial is installed we will see a control panel right in the top right area. Well for put a video as a background in Firefox we have to give the icon «Setup».


On this screen just follow these instructions:

  1. Select the icon «Background options».
  2. Let’s go to «Upload local file».
  3. Select the gif we previously converted to PNG.
  4. Let’s go to «Open».
  5. Select the option «Upload and preview».
  6. We apply the changes.

put an animated gif in the background of Firefox.

And that would be the result, quite surprisingly, right? 😲.

put video in Firefox.

If you liked this article, I remind you that one day I made another one in which I taught you how to put an animated image in Microsoft Edge, take a look if you want.

I say goodbye and don’t forget that if you have questions you can leave me a comment. Remember that you would help me a lot to continue with this project if you share it with your friends and family through social networks. Thank you!