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How to protect, pin, or lock multiple cells and formulas in Excel at once

How to protect, pin, or lock multiple cells and formulas in Excel at once

There are many users who work with Microsoft programs, these programs are great for many office jobs. Excel, among its functions, helps work with numbers and information that are grouped in rows.

This Microsoft program has several functions requested by users, such as the code function or also some formulas to be used in the spreadsheet. Because it is so necessary, many people are looking for ways to manage it as well as possible.

This highly requested and feature-rich program is installable on different versions of Windows. For example, in the latest version of Windows 10, it can also be obtained with its updates. This article will show you how to fix it in Excel, block or protect a number of cells and formulas at the same time.

Can cells be blocked in Excel?

When they started working with this program, many noticed that after placing a title and downloading Excel cells, they could lose everything that had been written before. But can this be prevented from happening? Yes. All you have to do is pin these cells to Excel. You can do this in each of the versions of Excel.

At this point, it is important to know how to use programs as useful as Excel, belonging to the number of programs provided by Microsoft Office. These programs are extremely necessary to do any work on your computer.

Lock cells in Excel sheets

The reason why some users block cells is because it is useful continue to have the title visible without losing what has already been written, as mentioned above. It should be noted that these locking functions can only be performed in accordance with certain rules.

blocked Excel cells

First, only those who manage the spreadsheet can lock or unlock it. Second, the owner can also continue editing Excel cells. And third, those who edit these spreadsheets will be able to see the blocked cells, yet they will not be able to edit them or change the data that is already set in them.

Under Excel tools, columns cannot be locked if they come from attachments. And if a row has already been frozen, it will have an icon at the top of the row that will openly show that it has been locked. These steps provide convenience for those working with spreadsheets, as they will already be aware that these cells cannot be edited.

How to repair or block multiple cells and formulas?

Now a series of steps will be mentioned that will allow blocking or fixing these Excel cells. So they will be immobilized when working on the spreadsheet.

Step 1

The first thing to do is open the document in which you want to repair the row. Then the user must locate the row he wants to repair.

Step 2

After locating it, the user should be directed to the view panel option. It can be located at the top of the toolbar. By clicking on it, you can choose where it is written «immobilize». After that, three options will appear on the screen to choose from.

freezing cells excel

Step 3

The user needs to know which of all the options is the one that best suits what he needs. For example, if the user clicks freeze the panels, this will give you the opportunity to columns can be lockedand also that the rows you choose are blocked. By doing so, the other cells in the spreadsheet can be moved.

To protect the formulas, the user will be able to choose all the cells in a row with the key Ctrl + 1 a tab will appear showing the format of the word. And then the user can go to the tab that says «protection sheet». There will be a section that will indicate «Cell format», when you enter this, you can select all formulas.

Again the user has to press the keys Ctrl + 1 and now mark the location where the lock indicates in the section that says Protect. This will block the cells with formulas.