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How to prevent such a fast discharge of the mobile battery

How to prevent such a fast discharge of the mobile battery

mobile phone battery life This is what is starting to curb many manufacturers of these devices.

As consumers, we are always looking better battery performance. However, in addition, the misuse of other factors greatly influences its performance. Even making us think it’s damaged.

Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to make the mobile battery last much longer and don’t download so fast.

How to prevent such a fast discharge of the mobile battery

No matter what phone device you have, most of these tips can be done without any problems. Remember that largely the performance of the battery It is related to the use you make of the equipment. Well, this way, you determine how long you want the battery to last, depending on the apps and other features you use.

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Close applications you are not using

If you are one of those people who have messaging apps like WhatsApp Messenger or their social networks running all the time. You should know that involves high battery consumption from your mobile phone.

That’s why those applications you don’t use should be closed. And even more so the ones I know run in the background.

Use airplane mode and energy saving

It seems pretty common and it really is. But we can’t rule this out as one of the best options for doing that the mobile battery does not discharge so fast.

To activate it, just drag the quick access bar of the phone and there you will find a button for each of the options. It is important to note that with these options enabled, you can extend the phone’s battery life up to three times its average duration.

Vibration, brightness and screen volume

This is true in terms of alert settings and, of course, the need for a brighter screen. But when they’re exaggerated, they can bill your mobile battery, making it unload much faster.

If you receive a lot of messages or notifications, it is necessary that. stop vibrations. Well, this alert mode consumes a lot more battery power than sound notifications.

As for the sound, if we use our speakers for a long time, so do we our battery level is low. This consumption is higher if the volume level is high for a long time.

Finally, the brightness of the screen can be something that we consider essential, especially if we are in a place with outside light. However, if the mobile battery does not discharge so fast, it is necessary to use this reasonably. Setting a minimum brightness that allows us to view items on the screen.

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Limit the use of camera applications and media players

Watching a movie on Netflix, a video on YouTube, or listening to your favorite songs on Spotify consumes a lot of battery power. So is the camera room. That’s why you should use these applications when it is really necessary.

How to extend the battery life of my phone

Perhaps this is more important than the issues mentioned above. Well, if we want our battery not to discharge so fast, it’s necessary keep it in the best possible condition.

For this, it is necessary to respect the charging time. Well, if it’s not an emergency, stop this time. But keep in mind that you must never use the phone while charging. This greatly damages the condition of the battery.

It is recomended close the applications and charge the phone. Wait for it to charge 100% and then unplug it. Only there can you use it. Likewise, a universal recommendation is to fully discharge the phone’s battery at least once a month. That is, until the device turns off.

And finally, charge your phone only with the original charger and do not use portable chargers or Power Bank. Because they do not have the same power as the original charger and may damage the battery if used frequently.